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Arctiq's custom Hashicorp workshops are designed, built, and delivered by our expert field consultants. The focus on field-led enablement workshops ensures that you have the right people in the room to answer questions on the spot. Workshops are delivered with an instructor for every 6 attendees, allowing for our team to focus enough attention on the learning process. We currently offer the following workshops:

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure Building with Terraform

  • Terraform Architecture and Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud Provisioning with Terraform (AWS, Azure, VMware, etc)
  • Statefiles - Local vs Remote
  • Advanced Integration (Vault, Packer, Ansible)
  • Code Efficiencies with Modules

Dynamic Secrets Management with Vault

  • Vault Architecture and Secrets Management
  • Secret Backends
  • Vault HA Deployments
  • Consul and Vault Integrations
  • Policy Management
  • Leveraging Vault in Applications (Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins)

//included in every workshop

1 Day @Arctiq's Training Facility

Arctiq Training Facilities

Each Hashicorp workshop is delivered in a single full day, onsite at Arctiq's training facilities with breakfast and lunch for all attendees included. Workshops can be delivered at an alternative location if required.

Workshop Materials

Workshop Materials

Upon the completion of the workshop(s) attendees will receive a copy of the materials used throughout the session. The material includes all code samples and artifacts used during the workshops.

Personal Lab Access

Personal Lab Access

Each workshop includes a dedicated, custom-built lab environment for each attendee. Users will have full and complete access to the labs during the workshops and the following day if desired.


Interested in one of our workshops? Take the first step and reach out here to our team and we'll get you set up! Interested in other workshops? See our other workshop offerings here.

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