• Open, Collaborative, Social, Community

    (16 Feb 2016)
    I think I just sold myself out of a job.  A good job...no, wait...a great job!  But it’s with good reason. And with any luck, by the end of my rant, you might start thinking about working yourself out of a job too. My career in Information Technology began in the late-90’s in community college.  The era of expensive build-your-own ‘clone’ PC’s, 14.4 baud modems, and this mesmerizing new thing called the Internet. Finally we were all connected!  Being open, social, collaborative.  Sharing ideas, learning as a community...by leaps and bounds. In the grand context of our time, it didn’t take the Internet long to become the backbone of the modern global economy, and in many parts of the world, the backbone to modern life.