• Go Faster with Terraform Cloud API

    (29 Oct 2020)
    Terraform Cloud is a Saas solution which provides a platofrm to Manage your Terraform projects through a single control plane. See how you can leverage the API to go faster!
  • Vault and TFE - Fun with Dynamic Secrets for GCP

    (12 May 2020)
    One topic that always comes up is how to handle GCP Service Account keys. What are they, what do they have access to, how do we manage them, and so forth. It is always a sensitive subject due to the risks associated if not appropriately handled. This post is a look at how we can use Vault's GCP Secrets Engine to dynamically generate service account keys and provide a central location to manage key rotation, and what access is granted with that key.
  • Terraform Enterprise, Workspaces and GitHub Repositories

    (01 May 2020)
    Code reusability is a much sought-after goal of organizations and developers alike. The idea conjures the idea of high-efficiency, resulting in reduced bugs, reduced operational support load, and most importantly, reduced time to market. The thing I see over and over again is locally cloned repositories, locally cloned Terraform modules, and hardcoded variable values within repos. All of these the enemy of efficiency and standardization. This blog is a quick look at how you can leverage Terraform Enterprise to set variables at a workspace level, allowing an organization to create a many to one relationship between Terraform Enterprise Workspaces and GitHub repositories.
  • Azure DevOps Terraform Pipeline for GCP

    (22 Apr 2020)
    This blog is a look at using Azure DevOps to create pipelines that deploy infrastructure into GCP using Terraform, just because we can. Complete with a high-level overview, code snippets, and some strong opinions. Readers will take away a possible approach on how to leverage this technology for their organization.
  • Constructing a Custom Terraform Provider

    (12 Feb 2020)
    Learning Golang to extend the functionality of Terraform beyond its existing providers, to fit your needs. This is a walkthrough of my custom Terraform provider that creates/updates file content inside a GitHub repository.
  • Deploying a production-grade Consul on GKE using Terraform Helm provider

    (29 Jan 2020)
    A walkthrough about installing Consul on GKE using Hashicorp Helm chart with Terraform
  • Bootstrapping Palo Alto VMSeries on GCP

    (10 Jan 2020)
    Palo Atlo VMSeries devices on GCP can definitely look complicated, but deploying them doesn't have to be.
  • Arctiq is Your Exclusive Canadian Professional Services Partner for HashiCorp

    (04 Feb 2019)
    Arctiq earns exclusive status as the go to Canadian Professional Services Partner for HashiCorp.
  • Ansible and Terraform - A Perspective

    (21 Mar 2018)
    At Arctiq we get asked often, where do Ansible and Terraform fit together? Or do they?