• Unleash Your Worker Nodes on OpenShift 4.3 and GCP

    (01 May 2020)
    With the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) release 4.1 in June 2019, Red Hat introduced Infrastructure MachineSets. These sets allow you to host infrastructure components, and free resources from worker nodes.
  • OpenShift 4 On Your Turf

    (27 Feb 2020)
    OCP4 is even more "kubernetes-ey" than it was in the v3 days. This blog will highlight all the wonderful enhancements that OpenShift 4 brings to the table - with a focus on the enterprise, discussing the age-old question of 'their cloud, or our gear'.
  • OpenShift 4 and the Red Hat Service Mesh

    (11 Feb 2020)
    This blog will walk readers through installing Openshift 4 on GCP with an enabled Red Hat Service Mesh. With the cluster installed, the blog provides examples on controling traffic flow to your applications inside the cluster. OCP4 and the Red Hat Service Mesh....Unleash the power!
  • Deploying Rocket.Chat on OpenShift in the Enterprise

    (29 Jul 2019)
    Running as a container on container platform makes HA and scale easy. Designing and testing took weeks, deployment of whole platform took minutes
  • Fireside Chat with Brian Gracely from RedHat Summit19

    (31 May 2019)
    It's been a busy couple months with lots of travel for me, visiting partners, customers and checking out all the key conferences in the US. One of of the many advantages is I get to meet up with great people I don't get to see that often.
  • Fireside Chat with Moez Dharani - All things Ansible

    (18 Jan 2019)
    Arctiq is gearing up for a webinar next week where we are going to discuss and demo some great technologies from our partners Red Hat and Microsoft. You can sign up for the event "Automate Azure builds with Ansible Tower". We will go deep into Ansible, Ansible Tower and show you how to automate "All the things in Azure". I was able to have a fireside chat with Moez Dharani from Red Hat where we talked about everything from the history of Ansible, DevOps and some of the early opensource projects that laid the foundation for many of todays emerging technologies. We also discussed the business aspects of DevOps, automation and how every business now a days needs to focus on technology and software. Moez shared some compelling stories from the Oil and Gas industry where customers are embracing Ansible and delivering compelling returns on their investments.
  • OpenShift 3.11 Cluster Console Preview

    (02 Dec 2018)
    A quick video walkthrough of the new Cluster Console in OpenShift 3.11