• Beyond the stars are even more world

    (18 Mar 2020)
    My journey to Arctiq
  • Learn Kubernetes in "Kubernetes"

    (10 Mar 2020)
    My journey to Kubernetes and Arctiq
  • What Do You Mean I Get Shoes?

    (11 Feb 2020)
    I think that the concept of a life-long profession is one that we as a society have outgrown. We muddle our way through, changing perspectives and values as we go, taking on new opportunities as they arise. Some people may see them as 'false starts', but I prefer to view them as trying on a new self.
  • //Hello World: an Expedition into the Unknown... Again

    (25 Oct 2019)
    This is it, here we go.
  • On to new adventures

    (23 Sep 2019)
    Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is one of the current themes in my life. Be it in personal endeavors or in finding a job with lots of potential for growth.
  • I want to go faster

    (01 Aug 2019)
    Time to embrace change and really see if you can teach an old dog some new tricks.
  • Becoming an Arctiq explorer

    (22 Feb 2019)

    Change is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary and needs to be embraced. It is also a process, not an event. This is a story of my journey to becoming an Arctiq Explorer and challenging the status quo.

  • Finding my home

    (29 Jan 2019)
    Change and improvement is a constant in the tech industry. Culture and opportunity are driving forces for career moves. This is my story on why I moved to Arctiq.
  • Journey to the Arctiq

    (01 Dec 2018)
    Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and the familiar is never an easy task, especially when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are and a bad decision could potentially affect your future.
  • From Teaching to Consulting

    (27 Nov 2018)
    My story about transitioning from an educational role as a professor in college, leading into a new branch of my career as a consultant.
  • Will Nerd for Culture

    (02 Nov 2018)
    You can say "*Life's too short*" - or pick any of your favorite applicable idioms - culture has to be right for you to be happy and productive in your career regardless of what it is you do.
  • What does Dad do?

    (15 Oct 2018)
    As my family grows (up?) and either my job changes (or my sons do), I get new chances to try to answer the "What does Dad do?" question.
  • #StartupLife #ArctiqLife

    (10 Apr 2018)

    It feels like every time I come into this office, I’m surprised by something having changed on my desk setup. My monitor has grown legs and walked off, but not as frequently as the dongle I need to make it usable. I had a mousepad for a little while, but no mouse (now it’s the opposite). A pile of stickers was re-integrated with our main stash so my macbook is still woefully bare compared to everyone else’s. And I’m eyeing everyone suspiciously over the disappearance of a pen or two. It’s like some kind of magic.

  • Welcoming Change

    (09 Mar 2018)
    Hard to believe it has been 3 months on-board the fast-moving, exciting adventure that is Arctiq...
  • First Months at Arctiq - Drinking From The Fire Hose

    (02 Jan 2018)
    new technology I was learning and working with, new cool tools to get my job done, a different way of working, and cranking out more work from a pub then I ever have before. It was like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose.
  • Kicking into Fifth Gear pt1

    (18 Sep 2017)
    Having finished education in a completely different field of work and feeling confident of that career path, I did notice a slight twitch in my hands. I was watching as my backup plan to work in I.T. was moving out of reach if I didn't do something soon.
  • A New Adventure and New Opportunities

    (17 Jun 2017)
    Looking back at the past few months, it’s truly amazing how much my life changed in a week. A unique first day… my official first day with the Arctiq team was at the Annual Red Hat Summit and what a ride that was!
  • A New Adventure…

    (02 Jun 2016)
    My expedition to Arctiq began at the age of eight at the green-screen of my dad’s 286 PC running DOS 5. I was completely fascinated! But not by games, as typical among my grade-3 peers, (although Oregon Trail on my school’s Apple II !)) but simply by how the machine worked. At that age, while most kids were fiddling with their Nintendo NES, my father taught me about config.sys, autoexec.bat, EMM memory tuning, direct memory access, IRQ's, system interrupts and file allocation tables. I would watch over his shoulder as he opened up the case and taught me about CPU's, memory, IDE cables, floppy drives, and all the little gotchas to remember about installing components. . These were not lessons you would find your average kid learning at that time (today is a different story!)
  • It’s time to Scale - A look back - Part 1

    (19 Apr 2016)
    It is time for me to "scale-out"...but more on that later! Before I tell you all about my new adventure with Arctiq, I’d like to share with you where I have been and some valuable experiences that got me here.
  • Time for Change

    (14 Apr 2016)
    Fear and anxiety; this is a major shift in focus from running a critical team in a large organization to getting back into the field, now as a startup.Excitement and joy; I'm getting back in front of customers and technology, something I missed dearly.
  • Open, Collaborative, Social, Community

    (16 Feb 2016)
    I think I just sold myself out of a job.  A good job...no, wait...a great job!  But it’s with good reason. And with any luck, by the end of my rant, you might start thinking about working yourself out of a job too. My career in Information Technology began in the late-90’s in community college.  The era of expensive build-your-own ‘clone’ PC’s, 14.4 baud modems, and this mesmerizing new thing called the Internet. Finally we were all connected!  Being open, social, collaborative.  Sharing ideas, learning as a community...by leaps and bounds. In the grand context of our time, it didn’t take the Internet long to become the backbone of the modern global economy, and in many parts of the world, the backbone to modern life.