• Arctiq and Optiva Build True Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Google Anthos

    (30 Oct 2019)
    Learn how Arctiq helped enable Google Anthos at Optiva, and how Anthos has enabled both Optiva and its clients more options, flexibility and a consistent experience across GCP public cloud and local on-premise deployments—as well as cost savings.
  • Arctiq and OpenText Optimize EIM Offering with Google Anthos

    (30 Oct 2019)
    OpenText is an organization based out of Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in EIM Software, which helps companies manage, organize, and extract insight and value from their data. Arctiq had been consulting with the Google Cloud Kubernetes Product Engineering team after being selected as a global design partner to work on a breakthrough product, Anthos, that would allow organizations to utilize a hybrid cloud approach to their business acceleration transformation efforts. By teaming up with Arctiq, OpenText was able to optimize its EIM offering for the Cloud.
  • Governing a MachineDeployment with Anthos Config Management

    (10 Sep 2019)
    Demonstrating SCM-based configuration and IaC using Anthos Config Management with GKE On-Prem (or GCP).
  • GKE On-Prem and Anthos Config Management

    (09 Apr 2019)
    Harness the power of Google Kubernetes Engine on your premises! Oversee hybrid Kubernetes deployments and autoscaling infrastructure as code.
  • Arctiq is your Google Cloud Premier Partner

    (29 Mar 2019)
    Arctiq Inc. is pleased to announce achieving Premier partner status with Google Cloud, which is the highest service track partnership tier that can be achieved through the Global Partner Network Program.