• Long Term Memory

    (11 Mar 2020)
    Preserving history through legacy web presence
  • //Hello World: an Expedition into the Unknown... Again

    (25 Oct 2019)
    This is it, here we go.
  • I want to go faster

    (01 Aug 2019)
    Time to embrace change and really see if you can teach an old dog some new tricks.
  • From Teaching to Consulting

    (27 Nov 2018)
    My story about transitioning from an educational role as a professor in college, leading into a new branch of my career as a consultant.
  • Time for Change

    (14 Apr 2016)
    Fear and anxiety; this is a major shift in focus from running a critical team in a large organization to getting back into the field, now as a startup.Excitement and joy; I'm getting back in front of customers and technology, something I missed dearly.