• CICD Pipelines using Gitlab CI & Argo CD with Anthos Config Management

    (18 Jan 2021)
    Follow up blog to a popular demo on YouTube going over the details of the configurations for building GitOps based CICD pipelines using GitLab CI and ArgoCD.
  • CI/CD with Argo

    (13 Jul 2020)
    Lately there is a ton of chatter in the Kubernetes ecosystem about "Kubernetes-native or cloud-native" pipelines and CI/CD. In a nutshell this really comes down to simplifying the suite of tools used, and running/deploying things in a way that is native to k8s. With a number of options available to accomplish this today, I'm not going to compare or dive deep into capabilities, but rather showcase a specific way to accomplish this with solutions from Argo and Google