• CICD Pipelines using Gitlab CI & Argo CD with Anthos Config Management

    (18 Jan 2021)
    Follow up blog to a popular demo on YouTube going over the details of the configurations for building GitOps based CICD pipelines using GitLab CI and ArgoCD.
  • Onward and Upward!

    (28 Oct 2020)
    Arctiq is thrilled to announce that our own Aurora Li has obtained the highest certification available for Google cloud architects: Google Cloud Certified Fellow.
  • Anthos Day 2 Operations: Security and Compliance with Policy Controller

    (20 Jul 2020)
    In this blog, we will cover how to leverage Anthos Policy Controller to automate the security and compliance policies enforcement and audit on Anthos clusters.
  • Anthos Day 2 Operations: Monitoring and Logging

    (17 Jul 2020)

    Wearable tech has drastically changed the way we take care of our health. Instead of regular checkups, we are relying on all the smart devices to constantly monitor our health metrics, log our activities, provide a holistic view of trends, and even poke us if we sit for too long. Fortunately, Anthos platform is equipped with all the “wearable tech” (metrics, logging, customized dashboards, proactive alerts) out-of-the-box. This blog will guide you to use Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging functions to keep your Anthos GKE On-Prem platforms healthy.

  • CI/CD with Argo

    (13 Jul 2020)
    Lately there is a ton of chatter in the Kubernetes ecosystem about "Kubernetes-native or cloud-native" pipelines and CI/CD. In a nutshell this really comes down to simplifying the suite of tools used, and running/deploying things in a way that is native to k8s. With a number of options available to accomplish this today, I'm not going to compare or dive deep into capabilities, but rather showcase a specific way to accomplish this with solutions from Argo and Google
  • Anthos Day 2 Operations: Authentication with OIDC

    (10 Jul 2020)
    In this blog, we will cover how to leverage existing OIDC provider to handle Anthos authentication and use RBAC for authorization.
  • Arctiq Announces Acceleration Blueprint Services for Anthos

    (15 Jun 2020)
    Arctiq, Inc. is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of pre-defined blueprint services for Google Anthos hybrid multi-cloud application modernization solution. These blueprint services streamline the onboarding of apps to Anthos and increase the pace of app migration, through Arctiq's proven blueprints and repeatable patterns.
  • Building an API in front of Twitter Search

    (29 May 2020)
    In this follow-up article on Apigee API Management, you will learn how to develop, deploy and secure an API proxy with Apigee Hybrid. For this example we will be using the famous OAuth authenticated Twitter search API. We will be packaging, deploying and testing our first proxy. Full source code is included.
  • Multi-cloud App Deployment Across AWS and GCP with Google Anthos

    (30 Apr 2020)
    With the recently announced GA release of Google Anthos GKE on AWS, multicloud GKE management just got easier. This blog is focused on showing the simplicity of deploying GKE into AWS and how multi-cluster management is achieved with Anthos across another cloud provider.
  • Arctiq, Google, and Anthos - Celebrating One Year of Hybrid Multi-Cloud

    (21 Apr 2020)
    April 2020 marks one year since Anthos was announced at Google Cloud Next ‘19! While we’re not gathering together in San Francisco this month to celebrate, here at Arctiq we are taking time to reflect on the incredible journey our Google Cloud partnership has taken over the past year.
  • Accelerate into the cloud with Migrate for Anthos

    (13 Mar 2020)
    Google's Migrate for Anthos reduces the time and effort necessary to move applications to the cloud.
  • Authentication Policy and auto mTLS in Istio 1.5

    (12 Mar 2020)
    Learn how to enforce mTLS in Istio 1.5 at the cluster, namespace, workload, and port level.
  • Deploying Containers with Ease on GCP

    (12 Feb 2020)
    Learn how to quickly iterate on your code in containers and deploy containers at scale using Google Cloud Build, knative technology, and Anthos Config Management. This blog provides an overview of these new easy to use tools, their benefits to developers and deployment teams, and a demonstrations using a simple repository where we can run Canary testing and a Blue-Green deployments.
  • Behold the Fellowship of the Google Cloud

    (30 Jan 2020)
    Arctiq is proud to announce Jenn Viau's Google Cloud Fellowship achievement!
  • Arctiq and Optiva Build True Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Google Anthos

    (30 Oct 2019)
    Learn how Arctiq helped enable Google Anthos at Optiva, and how Anthos has enabled both Optiva and its clients more options, flexibility and a consistent experience across GCP public cloud and local on-premise deployments—as well as cost savings.
  • Arctiq and OpenText Optimize EIM Offering with Google Anthos

    (30 Oct 2019)
    OpenText is an organization based out of Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in EIM Software, which helps companies manage, organize, and extract insight and value from their data. Arctiq had been consulting with the Google Cloud Kubernetes Product Engineering team after being selected as a global design partner to work on a breakthrough product, Anthos, that would allow organizations to utilize a hybrid cloud approach to their business acceleration transformation efforts. By teaming up with Arctiq, OpenText was able to optimize its EIM offering for the Cloud.
  • Building an Istio Service Mesh Across Anthos GKE and GKE On-Prem

    (29 Oct 2019)

    It’s tough to browse much of today’s microservices landscape without stumbling upon or thinking about a service mesh. Istio brings service mesh, service discovery, and visibility to microservices architectures which of course includes Kubernetes. During a recent event I built a demo showcasing an Istio-based service mesh that stretches across two different environments leveraging nothing but Istio Ingress Gateway services in GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) and GKE On-Prem (Google’s new On-Premise offering).

  • Fireside Chat with Mark Chmarny - Google

    (29 Sep 2019)
    Another Fireside chat=in the books with Mark Chmarnyc- Knative Community Leader and Technical Program Manager @ Google. We managed to shoot this one in Google's beautify office in Chelsea New York City. We chatted about many things such as how the Knative Community was assembled and how Google is using the Knative technology to bring the CloudRun service to Google Cloud Customers.
  • Governing a MachineDeployment with Anthos Config Management

    (10 Sep 2019)
    Demonstrating SCM-based configuration and IaC using Anthos Config Management with GKE On-Prem (or GCP).
  • Navigating Anthos with Arctiq

    (29 Jul 2019)
    Arctiq recently hosted an event with Google and Sysdig in Toronto titled "Navigating Anthos - a Focus on Hybrid Cloud Visibility". At the event we provided a deep dive into the Anthos toolkit including various use cases we are hearing about from customers and our eco-system. The team spent the majority of the time on showing off what's possible with Anthos and how to configure various aspects of the software stack that's available today.
  • Securing Hybrid Cloud Workloads with Google Anthos and Aqua Security

    (18 Jun 2019)
    Automation and code-driven infrastructure provides massive flexibility to development teams. On-demand deployment of kubernetes clusters can speed up test and development time, but can also be difficult to mange. Config Management, a part of Google Anthos, and Aqua Security can be combined to centrally control on-demand ephemeral infrastructure.
  • Serverless Continuous Delivery with Google Anthos Cloud Run

    (25 May 2019)
    Google Cloud Run is a new offering from Google that is currently in Beta. One of the main use cases is to enable running stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster. Cloud Run is part of the Anthos solution offering and falls under the Serverless category.
  • Connect ANY Kubernetes cluster to GKE with Anthos

    (01 May 2019)
    In this blog I will demo how to connect and deploy to OpenShift and EKS from Google Kubernetes Engine with Anthos. This blog can be extended to any Kubernetes cluster.
  • Deploying Google Anthos and GKE On-Prem with Optiva

    (10 Apr 2019)
    We are happy to share a recording of the Arctiq, Google, and Optiva breakout session at Google Next 2019. The demonstration features a valid use case discussion for Google Anthos and GKE On-Prem.
  • Anthos Config Management Demo at Google NEXT

    (10 Apr 2019)
    Anthos Config Management enables companies to simplify the developer experience and promote automated policy enforcement across ephemeral GKE clusters, bridging the gap between cloud and on-prem deployments. Watch the Google NEXT demonstration here.
  • GKE On-Prem and Anthos Config Management

    (09 Apr 2019)
    Harness the power of Google Kubernetes Engine on your premises! Oversee hybrid Kubernetes deployments and autoscaling infrastructure as code.