//VSM Solution Overview

The Arctiq DevOps Value Stream Mapping (VSM) program is a Lean-management method for analyzing an application or process defining a life cycle for modernization. This Arctiq service consists of on-site workshops and interviews for discovery, with detailed documentation and recommendation of the next Minimum Viable Product (MVP) steps as deliverables. The VSM process focuses on approaches and techniques, rather than products and logos. Value Stream Maps help both identify and stop waste in an organization. Arctiq consults on situational best practices for each client and recommends current technology and methodologies to remove waste and streamline processes.

The goal of the VSM process is to identify current processes in a DevOps (or waterfall) workflow. We research both effective and ineffective processes, looking for opportunities to remove waste. Arctiq then re-orders the value stream to reflect efficiencies from new DevOps processes, automation, and CI/CD methodologies. The VSM output provides a roadmap for DevOps success, and identifies both near-term tactical opportunities, as well as long-term goals for an organization.

Identifying Inefficiency

Identifying Inefficiencies

New methods allow software to be developed and deployed faster, inefficiencies identified and removed, and processes simplified to reduce risk. The first step is to identify the waste and areas for improvement through a custom value stream map.

Application VSM

Application Value Stream Maps

This is a Lean-management method for analyzing an application’s current state and designing a complete life cycle for modernization. A VSM is a visual diagram of process flow and associated tooling for key client applications.

Capabilities Roadmap

Capabilities Roadmapping

A Tooling Current State Assessment and Tooling Roadmap Development service assesses a client's functional technology capabilities. The resulting roadmap provides tooling and skills guidance for a custom long-term vision of continuous improvement.

//VSM Process Flow

The Arctiq DevOps VSM program consists of on-site workshops and interviews for discovery, a review of the current state VSM, and preparation of a recommended future state VSM with detailed documentation and recommendation of modernization processes as final deliverables.

VSM Workflow

//Arctiq Pedigree

Our focus at Arctiq is seamless integration between key open source solutions from our modern ecosystem partners. Use case centric design and delivery methodologies, along with our MVP (minimum viable product) approach, enable our clients to quickly realize the benefits of DevOps tooling in a secure, enterprise fashion.

Take the first step and engage with the Arctiq Team to help discover and build your own custom DevOps Value Stream Map.