What is Meta Networks?

Meta Networks is a NaaS that provides enterprise WAN and security offered as a fully managed service. It has been architected to take advantage of the cloud ecosystem, addressing the network complexity, security and TCO enterprises face. As more and more applications migrate to the cloud and private data centers, a centralized platform is essential for unifying remote branches and mobile user connectivity regardless of location.

When resources and services are highly distributed, and users are consuming content from many different sources, it becomes very challenging to secure and enforce common policies. To solve this, Meta Networks has introduced a Software-Defined Perimeter, connecting all resources to a secure overlay which interconnects sites, remote users, SaaS providers, and CSPs. Centralized authentication simplifies administration and ensures common control points for access control. The identity enforcement and policy control are overlay-wide vs. site-specific.

Deployment Options:

How is a site or DC connected to the Meta Networks overlay?

Clouds, branches offices, DC’s require a Meta Port virtual appliance that will be used as the secure gateway into the overlay. The Meta Port extends the SDP to ensure all policies, user-based access control, and traffic control are maintained throughout the overlay. The Meta Port is a lightweight footprint that is completely virtualized.

//Meta Architecture

The Meta NaaS provides a dense backbone of servers, globally located, dynamically scaled-out and connected by fast, optimized data lines, called Points of Presence or PoPs. The PoP backbone enables low latency access to and from any service worldwide, and local access to internet resources.

Traditional vs. Unified Platforms

Old: Connected silos, mixed mediums for transport, different SLA’s and reliability

New: Common control points, enforced security solution-wide (at the perimeter)

Meta Networks solves these challenges with a unified cloud overlay to connect all DC’s and resources, leveraging centralized control and visibility. A high-level architecture overview is shown below:

//Solution Highlights

Use Cases


Here are some key uses for the Meta Networks overlay solution that Arctiq has been architecting and deploying.

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