//Solution Overview

Automation is a key indicator of high-performing organizations and must be pervasive across the organization in order to be most effective. The underpinning of service catalogs and PaaS is the focus on complete automation of redundant tasks. In the world of software development, we are encouraging development teams to automate all code tests to increase velocity and reduce cost. But the infrastructure and operations teams are often pushed to the back-burner. Arctiq recommends applying the same approach to infrastructure environments, leveraging modern tools and platforms to help define these environments using code.

Operations teams must learn to leverage an enterprise-wide code repository system and common automation tooling in order to reduce the amount of time spent on manual systems deployment, configuration, and documentation tasks. Each manual task has a cost element to it and introduces inherent risk of the task not being performed consistently or documented completely. The introduction of automation systems allows engineers to create common automation tasks that can be reviewed by peers and executed without human intervention. This change of process automatically increases the responsiveness to the business, ensures compliance and consistency, and creates integrated documentation to support collaboration and education.

GitHub Source Code Management

Innersource Your Code

Modern organizations look to innersourcing code as a way to apply the benefits gained from open source software development practices within the enterprise. The GitHub platform helps expedite engineer onboarding, promotes cross-team collaboration, and identifies internally developed code for reuse.

Laying the Foundation with Terraform

Lay Infrastructure Groundwork

Terraform is a key open source tool for provisioning and deprovisioning of machines (infrastructure) in the cloud, or in an on-premise virtualized environment. The basis for infrastructure-as-code, once Terraform has built the infrastructure, Ansible can kick in to finish off the heavy lifting.

Automate All The Things With Ansible

Orchestrate Platform Builds

Ansible is Arctiq's tool of choice for build orchestration, including the potential of orchestrating the initial Terraform build. Ansible is a swiss army knife for configuration and advanced deployment of applications and services, network automation, security, patching, and compliance.

//Infrastructure-as-Code Software

By its descriptive name, software is key for these initiatives. But the real key is getting your team members to embrace the tools and platforms and set standards for others to follow and adapt. Many exist, and defining the overlapping boundaries of each can be challenging. Arctiq helps our clients architect end-to-end software-defined solutions using these open source software tools and platforms, as well as others that integrate into a modern software delivery pipeline, helping treat infrastructure as code.

GITHUB - A community platform for developers and operators to host code, version code, review code, and release code. GitHub is the social platform for sharing code (innersourcing), and is the source code management tool of choice for infrastructure as code. The actual code is generated by Terraform scripts and Ansible Playbooks, among other artifacts. Users can openly share code, while enterprises can secure the platform and authorize the workflows.

TERRAFORM - An open source tool from HashiCorp for defining and deploying infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform describes infrastructure in syntax (i.e., code), and is easily refactored and reused across cloud platforms as well as on-premise. Infrastructure is defined in code for both low-level components (compute instances, storage, networking) and high-level components (DNS, IdM, SaaS, etc.).

ANSIBLE - Orchestration and automation using descriptive code for automating software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. Ansible was acquired by Red Hat, who provides both support, and additional tooling for adding enterprise capabilities in Ansible Tower. The agentless architecture, modular design, provides a highly reliable and secure experience for both enterprises and individuals alike.

JENKINS - No CI/CD pipeline would be complete without an automation server to monitor and execute when triggered by other software and "hooks". Jenkins is open source, and considered a standard among many development teams and release managers, supporting mission-critical software applications globally. CloudBees provides an Enterprise version of Jenkins adding support, security, and scalability.

//Arctiq Pedigree

Our focus at Arctiq is seamless integration between key open source solutions from our modern ecosystem partners. Use case centric design and delivery methodologies, along with our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach, enable our clients to quickly realize the benefits of DevOps tooling in a secure, enterprise fashion.

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