//gke foundations

Arctiq focuses on a series of continued Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initiatives in our engagements. We begin by designing and building a solid foundation platform, in order to deliver something tangible earlier in the cycle. In contrast to traditional “boil the ocean” approaches, Arctiq's MVP methodology based on proven reference architectures brings a needed evolution in the approach to service delivery.

GKE Foundations

The proven Arctiq methodology for GKE foundations provides significant flexibility and aligns with customers who work in a more agile or sprint based project approach. Through the initial assessments and planning phases, the Arctiq team will work as a collaborative extension of your own DevOps program, ensuring all requirements are considered. We use proven repeatable MVP steps to deploy and optimize tooling and enable clients to manage their GKE workloads effectively.

GKE Foundations

Bring a plan

Don't wait until after your teams are overflowing with GKE requests to plan your environment strategy. The first foundational step is to collect information and build a strategy for deploying and running your applications in GKE. The design fully considers approaches to build automation, infrastructure-as-code, Git integration, cluster sizing, the container registry, metrics logging, and more.

Kubernetes and GKE Delivery Services

Make it hardened

From security policies and secrets management, to multi-site load balancing, make sure you're building a resilient and robust design. Arctiq has compiled the best practices for these critical production level requirements. You wouldn't trust your production workloads without them, so make sure they are part of your architecture plan. Arctiq can help you test and integrate these functions at scale.

Hands-On Educational Workshops

Optimize and grow

After the stage is set and you are deploying containerized applications to GKE, it's time to optimize and plan for the environment growth you should expect. Your teams and apps will love the efficiencies of GKE, and more so the time back to focus on their task at hand - to build better applications, not to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Your GKE environment is now hybrid-ready for Google Anthos!

//getting started with gke enablement services

At Arctiq we make it easy for clients and industry peers alike to learn and grow as a community. We regularly host meetups, user groups technical events, and open workshops for anyone to participate and collaborate. Watch for upcoming Google and GKE focused sessions on our events page, and via our Twitter feed. Better yet, take the first step and engage directly with the Arctiq Team to start your GKE foundational journey.