//enabling the google cloud anthos platform

Anthos brings true hybrid cloud capabilities to containers, and allows you to modernize applications at your own pace

  • Enables a consistent experience deploying on-prem, in GCP/GKE, or in another cloud platform
  • Brings DevOps to your data centre with GKE On-Prem for local container environments
  • Creates flexibility to build once - deploy, manage, and monitor anywhere
  • Addresses policy and security automation at scale with Anthos Config Management

//fully realize hybrid cloud with arctiq and anthos

Arctiq has been with Google through the testing and launch of Anthos and GKE On-Prem. We know the best practices, and (literally) wrote the book on implementing and managing Google Anthos. Preparing for true hybrid cloud capabilities requires a solid plan, architecture considerations, integration discussions, and of course the actual deployment. Post deployment, teams will need to understand the day-2 operational requirements. Arctiq provides solutions and services related to all the Anthos client enablement challenges. Engage Arctiq to help plan and deploy Anthos and GKE On-Prem, and work with us to fully realize an end-to-end program for application modernization with Google Cloud.

Anthos Components

Google's GKE service, based on open source Kubernetes, lies at the heart of Anthos. The performance, flexibility, and scalability of Kubernetes, managed by the company who built it, now designed with a hybrid GKE On-Prem component and integration tooling for your own data centre experience. Anthos provides the visibility and management tools for a complete container and service mesh experience across both on-premise and cloud environments.

Arctiq's consulting, deployment, and enablement services help clients quickly realize the full capabilities of Anthos. And since Arctiq helped Google test and bring Anthos to market, who better to work with?

Explore cloud opportunities

Explore cloud

Anthos bridges the gap for clients with typical data centre workload challenges. Take advantage of your investment in physical hardware, tooling, people, and processes. Use Anthos as the excuse to explore the cloud in a number of ways, such as; connecting multiple on-prem data centers to GKE and Google AI tools for mass data analysis, creating a highly responsive development environment, or starting a longer-term plan to migrate your key applications to GKE.

Maintain app consistency

Maintain app

Google Anthos enables true hybrid computing across your physical data centre and the cloud. GKE On-Prem has been tested, tuned, and hardened, and is available to support hybrid GKE deployments for real and substantial application workloads. Arctiq has been an influential global go-to-market partner with Google for Anthos and the GKE On-Prem program, and can help our clients rapidly enable hybrid cloud capabilities.

Expand your horizons

Expand your

Anthos allow designs that once were not possible due to different rules for on-premises and cloud workloads. Getting started with Anthos will enable application builds and functionality not previously experienced. Teams collaborate more effectively, developers get freedom, and operations personnel can respond to environment demands rapidly with Anthos.

//get started with arctiq's anthos blueprints

Anthos Components

Arctiq engages with our proven MVP methodology to first assess and fully understand each client situation. With these details we can build a customized plan, ensuring a complete program for Anthos. Our Google services include ensuring your Anthos implementation grows and scales with your needs through ongoing optimization consulting.

Arctiq has defined repeatable Anthos blueprints to accelerate success in our clients’ hybrid multi-cloud journeys. These repeatable patterns uniquely position Arctiq to enable our clients and our partners on Anthos solutions, rapidly expanding your hybrid possibilities.

Take the first step and engage directly with the Arctiq Team to help enable your Google collaboration!