//google solutions

Arctiq's deep ecosystem partnership with Google is an enabler of leading-edge application solutions, for both Google customers, and also Google themselves. Arctiq is Google's go-to-market partner for Anthos, a truly game changing application modernization platform. Anthos lets you build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere in a secure, consistent manner.

Services from Arctiq include; Accelerate Anthos Blueprint solutions to get you rolling quickly with Anthos, GKE Foundations services, GCP deployment architecture and design, enablement workshops, Machine Learning and data consulting, and customized Anthos deployment consulting.

Arctiq is a Premier consulting partner, a focus services delivery partner, and Anthos go-to-market partner for Google globally.

//platform enablement

A key value of modern cloud platforms is the inherent ability to integrate with open tooling. Google has built GCP and Anthos using open methodologies, allowing diverse ecosystem solutions to thrive on the Google stack. These solutions allow for integration with secrets management, automation tooling, infrastructure-as-code, and CI/CD pipelines, to name a few. These integrations are key to any workflow, as they help bridge the gap between traditional operations processes and new methods, which keeps costs lower, and introduces tremendous open flexibility - no more 'one-size fits all' lock-in.

GCP ecosystem integrations

Arctiq's platform enablement services for Google Cloud are based on repeatable patterns and integrate modern tools such as HashiCorp's Vault for secrets management, Red Hat's Ansible for automation, and GitLab for storing, versioning, and collaborating around code - among others. These foundational tools and platforms bring deeper usability to Anthos and Google Cloud, and help bridge the gap between development and operations.

//getting started with google cloud solutions

At Arctiq we make it easy for clients and industry peers alike to learn and grow as a community. We regularly host meetups, user groups technical events, and open workshops for anyone to participate and collaborate. Watch for upcoming Google focused sessions on our events page, and via our Twitter feed. Better yet, take the first step and engage directly with the Arctiq Team to help enable your Google collaboration!