//Application Modernization Blueprints

Arctiq focuses on helping large IT organizations build a DevOps culture. With the majority of our clients this means close collaboration between infrastructure, architecture, application owners (the business), security, and development teams. Arctiq assists our clients with development of automated processes and new methods, including the foundational requirements to support them. Traditional approcaches require a long-term monolithic program which only approaches its goals at the final stages and takes a significant amount of process to move the ball forward. Through our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, Arctiq proves success at each stage, allows clients to pivot at any time, and helps define an overall roadmap to big picture goals.

Arctiq's blueprint method comprises lessons learned from many different client engagements, gleaning new efficiencies with each project. We are seeing 80% of the challenges associated with IT modernization are similar across organizations spanning different industries, and it's the 20% customization which differentiates the end result. These observations hold true for automation, CI/CD, container based applications, software delivery pipelines, and cloud adoption. Developers and Operations teams are embracing DevOps transformations, using new methods and new tools, no longer tied to n-tier architecture. Arctiq's consultative approach, with supporting blueprints, ensures knowledge is passed to our clients throughout the engagement, and users have a solid understanding of their new solution. Arctiq Blueprints allow customers to significantly reduce initial deployment time for emerging solutions, and shift their focus to showcasing the value the solutions bring.

Identifying Inefficiency

MVP Roadmap Development

Planning for the perfect eventuality takes time. Time that we don't have in today's fast pace world of emerging technologies. New approaches in IT, such as Agile, pipelines, automation, Innersourcing, etc. are evolving rapidly. Monolithic long-term planning no longer works. MVP planning removes significant risk, proves value immediately, and reduces the spin and burocracy of three-year planning cycles.

Solution Building Blocks

Solution Building Blocks

Each client is at a different stage of technology modernization and requires different engagement entrypoints. Arctiq looks to solidify the foundational tools and processes - such as hardened images and systems management tooling - before moving into playbook automation, security pipeline definition, implimenting telemetry solutions, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Lean manufacturing methodologies have been around and improving since the mid-1900's. There's always room for improvement, as they say, and it's no more prevalent in the world of modern IT. The blueprint approach ensures all stakeholders are able to improve the program and add value as the roadmap progresses.

//Automation and Infrastructure as Code

Modern Operations teams are learning to leverage an enterprise-wide code repository system and common automation tooling in order to reduce the amount of manual systems deployment, configuration, and documentation. Each manual task has a cost and introduces inherent risk that a task may not performed consistently or documented completely. The introduction of automation systems and a consistent workflow allows engineers to codify tasks to be reviewed by peers and executed without human intervention. This change of process automatically increases responsiveness to the business, ensures compliance and consistency, and produces integrated documentation for collaborative education.

A common set of organizational tools, paired with a common automation framework provides:

The move towards automated server deployments, network workflows, security pipelines, and container environments, will set the stage for:

//Blueprint Engagement Model

To ensure the output blueprint aligns with out clients' goals, Arctiq performs significant discovery at the first stage of any consulting engagement. Goals, priorities, and preferences are collected from many client viewpoints - from the business to user stories, operations to development. This information feeds the initial MVP blueprint, which is refined over time as progress is achieved and new opportunities for moderization uncovered.

Solution design and delivery

Ongoing retainer services

Blueprint Workflow

//Arctiq Pedigree

Our focus at Arctiq is seamless integration between key open source solutions from our modern ecosystem partners. Use case centric design and delivery methodologies, along with our MVP (minimum viable product) approach, enable our clients to quickly realize the benefits of DevOps tooling in a secure, enterprise fashion.

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