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Through this collaborative workshop with Arctiq and GitHub, attendees will explore themes in cross-team enablement, how to break down silos, and what is driving the software economy. Arctiq and the BCDevExchange have curated this full-day, instructor-led and interactive program to walk project team members, development managers, and senior leadership through best practices of collaboration, transparency, and openness in the following areas:

  • Establishing a Collaborative Culture: We will discuss the challenges of being completely transparent in a compliance and regulated environment. What modifications can you make to your current blueprints to establish guide rails for collaboration. Finally, we will discuss biases we have when being transparent and open and some techniques to mitigate them.
  • Building Effective Software Communities: When working with internal employees, consultants and contractors, it can be difficult to find a workflow that allows teams to work effectively. This workshop shows us how establishing non-competitive communities will allow for better communication and deliver better results. We will talk about the benefits of community and the impact it has around automation, quality and collaboration. We will walk through some sample community structures that help maintain a healthy culture inside your organization.


  • Join us at the CSI Lab for coffee and a light breakfast at 10:00am.
  • GitHub and Arctiq will introduce the day, the team members, and the agenda.
  • The morning agenda topics will follow.
  • The session will formally begin at 10:30am, with a break for a catered lunch.
  • After the 1-hour lunch break, we will dive into the afternoon topics.

These sessions have proven to be extremely popular, so be sure to confirm your seat!

As organizations grow, so do the number of projects. These projects are critical to meeting business goals and objectives. The majority of the projects are software or IT related as the organization is modernizing, and evolving through technology transformation. To be successful, this change requires collaboration from various groups, both internal and external.

Join Arctiq, GitHub, and BCDevExchange as we collaborate with our community to share some learnings and help drive up the adoption of modern software tools and approaches.


BCDevExchange CSI Lab, 1012 Douglas Street, 3rd Floor, Victoria, BC, V8W 1N1

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