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As organizations grow, so do the number of projects. These projects are critical to meeting business goals and objectives. The majority of the projects are software or IT related as the organization is modernizing, and evolving through technology transformation. To be successful, this change requires collaboration from various groups, both internal and external.

In addition, many of these projects lack guidance and best practices for implementing a quality control process within the software development cycle. The result are defects and bugs within the application. Lack of collaboration or communication gap between project teams is the main reason leading to these human errors.

Through this collaborative workshop with Arctiq and GitHub, attendees will learn to enable their teams to understand different priorities across the project team, and shed light on gaps which may exist within the company today. The half-day, instructor-led program will walk project teams, development managers, and senior leadership through best practices on collaboration, transparency, and openness in the following areas:

  • Establishing a collaborative Culture
  • Efficient project workflows
  • Defining and delivering a prescriptive approach to software delivery