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Arctiq and F5 are excited to host a discussion-style meetup, highlighting real-world automation use cases with F5 and Ansible. This is a follow-up session to our Self-healing Networks with Ansible event in January 2018. Snacks and drinks will be served. All attendees will also get a cool bonus: Make your own spice rub and take it home!

Automating and Orchestrating F5

F5 has been securing networks and workloads for a long time. They are also early adopters of DevOps and automation, leading many open source industry initiatives. F5 also offers a FREE, self-paced online training program called Super-NetOps.

Many enterprises have existing F5 platforms in their environment. But how do we scale while continuing to provide the same level of services and availability? Simple: Automation. With the primary goals being automation of repeatable tasks, and maintaining consistency, the F5 ADC is a prime target for automation. Ansible has many built-in F5 modules in the latest release.

Register and join Arctiq and F5 as we explore real-world use cases using Ansible for automation and orchestration of the BIG-IP ADC and other key open source tooling, in Arctiq’s typical “technology-first” style:

  • Initial device provisioning
  • Administrator initiated application deployment and changes
  • Orchestration - Scale up and down as the workloads do
  • Configuration Management using Ansible for deployment



Barque Butcher Bar, 287 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2M3

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