Data relationships in Mongo DB

22 Feb 2018 ~3 minutes Comments

There is an ongoing and seemingly never ending, passionate discussion of "Relational vs. NoSQL" databases. The comparison is not very well understood and in my opinion makes little sense and here is why.


Running Apache Kafka Brokers on OpenShift 3.7 and Azure

13 Feb 2018 ~5 minutes Comments

I have been hearing about Apache Kafka for a while now, many of our customers ask us about running the project inside containers. Lately I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with a customer to try and get it deployed and processing messages on OpenShift. Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, wicked fast, and runs in production in thousands of companies.


Recovering Root Access to Azure

10 Feb 2018 ~2 minutes Comments

Phil Thomson

So you've made a typo in your sudoers file on your linux VM in Azure and now sudo is broken and you don't have the root password. You now have a VM with no ability to get escalated privileges


Access Anywhere: Seamless and Secure Cloud Based Networking

06 Jan 2018 ~3 minutes Comments

Hart Ripley

If you have been in the industry for any length of time, you've used your share of Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), battled with client profile configuration, updates and of course multi-vendor client or driver interoperability issues. Connectivity needs to be seamless and available anywhere with the same user experience and predictable performance. Find out about a new offering from our friends at Meta Networks that does just this with a globally available overlay leveraging a centralized policy enforcement engine.


First Months at Arctiq - Drinking From The Fire Hose

02 Jan 2018 ~1 minutes Comments

Phil Thomson

new technology I was learning and working with, new cool tools to get my job done, a different way of working, and cranking out more work from a pub then I ever have before. It was like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose.


Arctiq's Top-List for 2017

28 Dec 2017 ~3 minutes Comments

...another one in the books! Welcome to the Arctiq Top-List for 2017!


A year and a half, - part3 - Arctiq scale up ^

22 Dec 2017 ~5 minutes Comments

As I mentioned, Arctiq is focused on the software and automation aspects of technology. Infrastructure-focused projects are still very important, but the applications that run on that infrastructure are the real effect on how the business runs. This certainly introduces many critical aspects when automating your infrastructure and applications lifecycle. Automation tools enable the concept of integrated security into your infrastructure and applications. You can read about a real world example from our Practice Safe DevOps Event.


Creating Puppet Modules for Satellite with Smart Class Parameters

13 Nov 2017 ~7 minutes Comments

Jacob Mammoliti

I was recently asked if it was possible to have hosts in a Satellite environment look at different NTP servers based on a group they belong to. For example, have hosts in the development stage look at NTP server A and have hosts in the production stage look at NTP server B. With the use of host groups and parameters, a Puppet module will be customized for each host based on the parameters it is given from the host group it belongs to.


A year and a half, - part2 - Time to focus

19 Oct 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

As Arctiq has grown, we put our big bets into great business partnerships, hiring a set of solid new team members, and a focus on delivering the solutions that matters most to our clients.


So ... A year and a half - part1

06 Oct 2017 ~3 minutes Comments

My plan was to write this blog at the Arctiq 1 year mark, but business got in the way, so I figured the 18-month mark is also a good time to capture some thoughts. It’s also a nice reflection point when looking back at a busy, challenging, productive time for our young, growing company. WOW a lot happened! Many important aspects came to mind that were critical to building and running a brand new business with an amazing team.


Kicking into Fifth Gear pt2

03 Oct 2017 ~3 minutes Comments

Aaren DeJong

This is where my twitch began to calm, as I was able to get closer to the inner-workings of what made Linux shine for enterprise applications. It wasn't easy at first, but though some coaching and networking with colleagues, much of the work wasn't always work to me.


Arctiq Hits a Grand Slam with CDN Channel Elite Service Organization of the Year

28 Sep 2017 ~3 minutes Comments

Arctiq Inc., is proud to announce they have been named Best Service Organization in Canada by CDN and IT World Canada, Canada’s top IT channel publication, in CDN’s 15th Annual Channel Elite Awards. The winners were announced at CDN’s Channel Elite Awards gala on September 27, 2017.


Kicking into Fifth Gear pt1

18 Sep 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

Aaren DeJong

Having finished education in a completely different field of work and feeling confident of that career path, I did notice a slight twitch in my hands. I was watching as my backup plan to work in I.T. was moving out of reach if I didn't do something soon.


KDCproxy - SELinux Tip

14 Sep 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

A quick tip for anyone who might be experiencing a strange issue when attempting to leverage Red Hat's IdM KDCproxy functionality. In a recently deployment which required segmentation of RHEL7.2 nodes in a DMZ, there was a requirement for allowing authentication access via an internal KDC. This was a perfect use case for leveraging the KDCproxy functionality. Since SSSD was calling the kdc_child process, which attempts to access the KDC over HTTPS, I was finding some strange behavior in which access was being denied by SSSD when testing authentication to the internal KDC.


Troubleshooting OpenShift LDAP Authentication

16 Aug 2017 ~1 minutes Comments

This post covers a few quick steps for troubleshooting OpenShift master configuration issues. Prompted while attempting to troubleshoot some LDAP issues, these steps may help in other master configuration issues as well.


Configuring Ansible Playbooks in a Private GitHub Repo with CloudForms 4.5

17 Jun 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

On May 31 2017 CloudForms 4.5 was released and brought with it greater Ansible functionality, specifically with the new embedded Ansible server role (not to be confused with Ansible roles).


A New Adventure and New Opportunities

17 Jun 2017 ~3 minutes Comments

Jacob Mammoliti

Looking back at the past few months, it’s truly amazing how much my life changed in a week. A unique first day… my official first day with the Arctiq team was at the Annual Red Hat Summit and what a ride that was!


Collaborative DevOps at CBC

20 Apr 2017 ~1 minutes Comments

Growing up in Canada, there aren’t many people who aren't exposed to the CBC as part of their daily lives. From Hockey Night in Canada, to The National, to CBC Radio...there likely isn’t a Canadian who hasn’t been exposed to the CBC. Watch Arcitq, Red Hat, and CBC's success story on containerization of CBC's website using OpenShift.


Toronto Azure Meetup Recap - From Code to Containers and Automated Pipelines on Azure

18 Apr 2017 ~1 minutes Comments

Arctiq recently presented to the the Toronto Azure Meetup Group. The topic was Linux Container Platform (Kubernetes, OpenShift and Ansible Automation) including Pipeline Automation - From Code to Containers and Continuous Delivery on Azure. You can read the presentation description here on our events page. Yes, It was a lot of content to present in an hour but the demo God's were nice and everything worked as designed.


Are your Containers having an "Identity" Crisis? Access Management Considerations

29 Mar 2017 ~5 minutes Comments

With the rapid adoption of containers throughout the industry, the landscape of technology and tools in the enterprise is forever changing. Once the excitement of getting the technology up and running wears off, we are often left with the same questions we find enterprises regularly asking.


Arctiq Wins Red Hat Canada Partner of the Year Award

29 Mar 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

Arctiq, Inc. is proud to announce they have been named Canadian Partner of the Year by Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions. This award is part of the annual Red Hat North American Partner Awards, which were announced on March 28 at the 2017 Red Hat North American Partner Conference in Las Vegas.


YES! Ansible can automate all, including Microsoft Windows Server

16 Mar 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

Daniyal Javed

One of the things that we’ve seen gain a lot of traction is native support for Windows inside the Ansible platform. It is hard to find a homogenous IT stack nowadays. For example, you may have a Linux server farm but with Active Directory proving its identity. Your management tools needs to be able to handle Linux, Unix, cloud services and.. Windows


OpenShift Multi-Master Install - Not able to choose etcd IP/Interface during installation - work around

06 Mar 2017 ~12 minutes Comments

Recently I was building a multi-node OpenShift 3.4 environment in Softlayer - AKA - Bluemix Infrastructure. I ran into an issue with the installer (running via Ansible) that was not very easy to troubleshoot and get to the the root cause.


Arctiq Announces Red Hat Premier Status

01 Mar 2017 ~2 minutes Comments

Arctiq, Inc. is pleased to announce the achievement of Red Hat Premier partnership status, joining only a handful of Premier partners across Canada. Arctiq has achieved the top status of Red Hat partnership in less than one year of operation. In addition, Arctiq holds Advanced accreditations in Ansible, OpenShift, CloudForms, Satellite, and other key foundational Red Hat open source software.


Arctiq's - Red Hat on Microsoft Azure Webinar - Recording

26 Feb 2017 ~1 minutes Comments

When the world's two foremost data centre operating system companies start collaborating, we should all sit up and pay attention! Arctiq specializes in the integration of open source solutions to support modern IT transformation, and both Red Hat and Microsoft play a big role in our engagements. From virtualization to containers, across public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms, and the glue that is automation and orchestration, the Arctiq team helps our clients navigate the murky waters. To this end, the marriage between Microsoft and Red Hat is beginning to drive some real world solutions - such as the OpenShift Container Platform running in Azure, or the ability to easily port your RHEL subscriptions into Azure with Red Hat Cloud Access.


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