Deploying a production-grade Consul on GKE using Terraform Helm provider

29 Jan 2020 ~6 minutes Comments

Mohsin Raza

A walkthrough about installing Consul on GKE using Hashicorp Helm chart with Terraform


Using Vault's Encryption as a Service Secrets Engine: Transit

10 Jan 2020 ~5 minutes Comments

Jacob Mammoliti

Use the Transit Secrets Engine to encrypt data as a service.


Bootstrapping Palo Alto VMSeries on GCP

10 Jan 2020 ~3 minutes Comments

Marc LeBlanc

Palo Atlo VMSeries devices on GCP can definitely look complicated, but deploying them doesn't have to be.


Scouting Over the Next Hill

22 Nov 2019 ~2 minutes Comments

The effort of climbing to new heights is always rewarded by the vistas that are opened up for you


Arctiq and Optiva Build True Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Google Anthos

30 Oct 2019 ~4 minutes Comments

Kayla Matson

Learn how Arctiq helped enable Google Anthos at Optiva, and how Anthos has enabled both Optiva and its clients more options, flexibility and a consistent experience across GCP public cloud and local on-premise deployments—as well as cost savings.


Arctiq and OpenText Optimize EIM Offering with Google Anthos

30 Oct 2019 ~3 minutes Comments

Kayla Matson

OpenText is an organization based out of Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in EIM Software, which helps companies manage, organize, and extract insight and value from their data. Arctiq had been consulting with the Google Cloud Kubernetes Product Engineering team after being selected as a global design partner to work on a breakthrough product, Anthos, that would allow organizations to utilize a hybrid cloud approach to their business acceleration transformation efforts. By teaming up with Arctiq, OpenText was able to optimize its EIM offering for the Cloud.


Building an Istio Service Mesh Across Anthos GKE and GKE On-Prem

29 Oct 2019 ~8 minutes Comments

It’s tough to browse much of today’s microservices landscape without stumbling upon or thinking about a service mesh. Istio brings service mesh, service discovery, and visibility to microservices architectures which of course includes Kubernetes. During a recent event I built a demo showcasing an Istio-based service mesh that stretches across two different environments leveraging nothing but Istio Ingress Gateway services in GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) and GKE On-Prem (Google’s new On-Premise offering).


//Hello World: an Expedition into the Unknown... Again

25 Oct 2019 ~6 minutes Comments

Dave Ambrad

This is it, here we go.


Securing the existing Enterprise network between Virtual Machines and Containers with Aporeto

23 Oct 2019 ~13 minutes Comments

While organizations refactor their applications and containerize new components, not all components of the application may make it into the container platform. These new components often need to connect to other non-containerized systems (such as databases) and require the same (or higher) security controls and network visibility. This blog identifies how to layer the zero-trust network solution provided by Aporeto on top of existing Enterprise networks and adding additional security layers without replacing existing infrastructure or processes.


Filtering Content with GitHub Notifications in RocketChat

16 Oct 2019 ~17 minutes Comments

Rocket.Chat is a popular Open Source alternative to Slack that teams or Enterprises can operate and run themselves. The integration capability for Rocket.Chat heavily relies on Webhooks and some snazzy scripting. This blog article illustrates how to filter content from GitHub webhooks based on label or file path.


Fireside Chat with Mark Chmarny - Google

29 Sep 2019 ~1 minutes Comments

Another Fireside chat=in the books with Mark Chmarnyc- Knative Community Leader and Technical Program Manager @ Google. We managed to shoot this one in Google's beautify office in Chelsea New York City. We chatted about many things such as how the Knative Community was assembled and how Google is using the Knative technology to bring the CloudRun service to Google Cloud Customers.


On to new adventures

23 Sep 2019 ~2 minutes Comments

Marek Anderson

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is one of the current themes in my life. Be it in personal endeavors or in finding a job with lots of potential for growth.


Configuring HashiCorp Vault to Generate Dynamic PostgreSQL Credentials

20 Sep 2019 ~5 minutes Comments

Jacob Mammoliti

Configure HashiCorp Vault to generate a set of dynamic PostgreSQL credentials.


Open-Source Summit 2019 in Review

18 Sep 2019 ~4 minutes Comments

Aaren DeJong

Just last month (August 21-23) was Linux Foundation’s annual North American Open-Source Summit, formerly known as LinuxCon.


Governing a MachineDeployment with Anthos Config Management

10 Sep 2019 ~6 minutes Comments

Christopher Markieta

Demonstrating SCM-based configuration and IaC using Anthos Config Management with GKE On-Prem (or GCP).


Simple GKE Cost Optimization with Preemptible Nodes

05 Sep 2019 ~3 minutes Comments

Marc LeBlanc

Google has done a great job making it easy for people to build and deploy GKE clusters. With a few clicks or lines of terraform code, you can deploy clusters of virtually any size, in any region, across regions, etc., with almost as many options for sizing the nodes the cluster runs on. At some point, if not right up front, the discussion always turns to cost optimization


Simple by design; Automating per-namespace isolation with Aporeto and OpenShift

14 Aug 2019 ~15 minutes Comments

Jeff Kelly

A zero trust network security policy has the capability to describe network communication at a very fine level of detail, which will also drastically increase the quantity of policy information generated. Managing and maintaining that level of detail can quickly become overwhelming. Aporeto's grouping and labeling of objects, as well as its ability to leverage OpenShift labels as grouping identifiers, allows policies that can encompass a fine level of detail and still be human readable.


I want to go faster

01 Aug 2019 ~3 minutes Comments

Paul Fischer

Time to embrace change and really see if you can teach an old dog some new tricks.


Deploying Rocket.Chat on OpenShift in the Enterprise

29 Jul 2019 ~10 minutes Comments

Phil Thomson

Running as a container on container platform makes HA and scale easy. Designing and testing took weeks, deployment of whole platform took minutes


Navigating Anthos with Arctiq

29 Jul 2019 ~1 minutes Comments

Arctiq recently hosted an event with Google and Sysdig in Toronto titled "Navigating Anthos - a Focus on Hybrid Cloud Visibility". At the event we provided a deep dive into the Anthos toolkit including various use cases we are hearing about from customers and our eco-system. The team spent the majority of the time on showing off what's possible with Anthos and how to configure various aspects of the software stack that's available today.


Fireside Chat with Steve Pereira

25 Jul 2019 ~1 minutes Comments

Another fireside chat in the books with Steve Pereira - CEO @ Visible. This one came together quick... Steve was able to come and meet me after an Anthos event Arctiq was running at Google. We managed to find a room to record a quick fireside chat. Steve is a long time community buddy and I always love finding time to chat with him.


Fireside Chat with Todd Wilson from RedHatSummit19

16 Jul 2019 ~2 minutes Comments

This one has been a long time coming... Original plan was to shoot this chat from a beautiful forest on Vancouver Island the last time I was on the west coast. We weren't able to pull that off but we managed to meetup @ Red Hat Summit 2019 in Boston.


Ansible Meetup May 2019

11 Jul 2019 ~1 minutes Comments

Aaren DeJong

OpenStack-Ansible and 2.8 release details covered in this month's meetup.


Running GoCD on OpenShift - An Alternative to Jenkins

28 Jun 2019 ~12 minutes Comments

Jenkins is one of the most popular CI & CD tools used in the OSS community and is very flexible, yet cumbersome and not without its own frustrations. It is also the defacto CI & CD tool within OpenShift. Many people, however, are looking for alternatives. This blog takes a look at how to run GoCD (from ThoughtWorks) on OpenShift as a potential alternative to Jenkins.


Securing Hybrid Cloud Workloads with Google Anthos and Aqua Security

18 Jun 2019 ~6 minutes Comments

Automation and code-driven infrastructure provides massive flexibility to development teams. On-demand deployment of kubernetes clusters can speed up test and development time, but can also be difficult to mange. Config Management, a part of Google Anthos, and Aqua Security can be combined to centrally control on-demand ephemeral infrastructure.


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