Author: Kayla Matson

Not all those who wander [in the Valley of DevOps] are lost. ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Behold, Arctiq’s own Fellow of the Google Cloud, Jenn Viau! She with the Google Anthos skill, so deep and so mighty. We respectfully bow to you, the first of twenty global Google Cloud Certified Fellows!

Jenn Viau

We are extremely proud of our very own superstar DevOps Engineer, Jenn Viau, who kills it with Anthos and Google Cloud every day! Congratulations on achieving Google’s highest technical certification - Google Cloud Certified Fellow, “for elite cloud architects and technical leaders who are experts in designing enterprise solutions.”


Arctiq also extends a warm and deserving congratulations to the full group of newly minted Google Cloud Certified Fellows. Your efforts and engagement have certainly paid off. And of course we’re pleased to work with so many Arctiq clients who are also Certified Fellows, whose knowledge in these critical new technologies ensures success. Now go-forth and tackle the zaniest Hybrid Multi-Cloud use case you can find!

And for those of you looking for some guidance and help for your own zany use case? Take the first step…reach out (and ask for Jenn!)



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