Author: Stephen Kuntz

Embracing the Edge

Getting Started

My career started in a small town computer shop. I was a technician replacing modems, motherboards, hard drives and removing spyware from client systems. While the experience gave me some important life skills, it left me wanting more, which meant heading to the city.

On to Bigger Things

I took a job in Toronto training users on cameras over video conference and troubleshooting h323 connections when the need arose. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it was a start. Actual training sessions were few and far between so I took advantage of the extra time I had to train myself in the art of Systems Administration. I picked up an MCSA and Exchange certification and was feeling confident until a major client was lost and I was laid off. While the uncertainty was a great source of stress, it was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. I didn’t realize until later that I was stuck in a rut and in a dead-end job.

Growing Up

I spent the better half of a decade developing my skills as a Systems Administrator. With a passion for open source and playing with cutting edge technology, learning new technology became my motivation. Whether I was setting up an MPI cluster to process weather models or installing and configuring ElasticSearch & Graylog clusters, the reward was always seeing it run to completion that first time.

I spent a lot of time working on Linux, Windows, Cisco, VMWare and other standard enterprise technologies, but the fun projects were becoming fewer and far between. Sure, I could move somewhere else and implement the same technologies with a slight spin, but the pattern would repeat. When I realized this, I knew that I wanted to be a consultant.

A Change of Perspective

I started consulting two and a half years ago. I gained experience in Azure, AWS and Google but was drawn to work on GCP because all the transformative technology that Google has brought to the world and open source. I became a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect and Google Certified Professional Data Engineer. Using these new skills I ventured in to enterprises to aide in cloud transformations and application migrations; learning GitOps, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and development workflows along the way.

Finding Myself

Recently I’ve taken an interest in Kubernetes and all the power and potential it has to offer. I entrenched myself and set my sights on becoming a CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Even though I’m now certified and learning something new every day; the more I learn, the more I find there is yet more to learn. This ecosystem is so rapidly changing and growing that the possibilities seem endless. So many bleeding edge technologies it is hard to know where to start. The speed at which new technology is developed can be overwhelming and there is so much to learn. There are endless opportunities to help others, and Arctiq is the best place I can do that.

The Future is Bright

Kubernetes has become the new standard, bringing into reality the promise of write once, run anywhere. All of the key players are offering it and in doing so providing the bedrock for true multi-cloud deployment. Anthos, KNative, Tekton, Terraform and Vault are just a few of the technologies working to provide a unified experience across clouds, including on-premises. Service meshes like Istio and Consul are working to link them all together to run in harmony. Companies that are embracing these technologies are seeing transformative effects in development, speed to production, and enhanced security.

All of this together is what drew me to Arctiq. A small company with a big impact. A company where I can make an impact as well.



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