Author: Jenn Viau

Change and improvement is a constant in the tech industry. Culture and opportunity are driving forces for career moves. This is my story on why I moved to Arctiq.

My Story

After almost 15 years of doing sysadmin work, I made a big career decision to move into consulting. Joining Arctiq is the probably the best choice I’ve made.

I had an instructor in college who taught me that my job as a sysadmin was not always about solving technical problems. That it was also about teaching someone why the problem happened, and what they could do to prevent it. He suggested that if we spent more time teaching people on how to solve issues, we could spend more time on cool stuff. The other thing that this instructor taught me is that in the end, everyone is a customer. No matter where I’ve worked, I’ve always remembered that my job was to make sure other people could do theirs.


Automation is a combination of those lessons for me. The more time we spend automating the tedious tasks – you know the one I mean, that thing that takes 2 hours to do and has 42 steps to get right – the more time we have to spend learning, and helping others identify and solve their problems.

Getting Onboard

At Arctiq, I get to do that every day. I’ve learned so much, even before my 1st day here. My “interview” was to learn some tech that I’d wanted to learn, but hadn’t found a place for in any previous workplace. I had 2 weeks to find a problem to solve, learn the tech, automate as much of it as I could, and then build a presentation to go along with it. That process opened my eyes to what kind of company Arctiq is. One that encourages pushing the envelope of what can be done with emerging technology. One that encourages and expects me to spend time learning new technologies and finding ways to use it.


Every company talks about their culture, what makes them unique, or why they’re the best place to work. I’ve had quite a bit of personal upheaval in the last few months. Every time I’ve reached out to the partners, or my peers, the answer has been the same – what can we do to help, where do you need support? I’ve never felt, and likely never will, like I couldn’t take the time for my family or be there when needed.

That’s culture that matters. That same attitude inspires every bit of code, every engagement, every workshop that gets delivered.

These last few months have flown by; full of adjustments, learning, personal trials, and best of all making new friends and finding my home!



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