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I had the opportunity to attend the f5 Networks North American Partner Leadership Summit December 4th and 5th. They certainly picked a sweet spot the host the event, the Ritz Carlton - Half Moon Bay is an amazing property on the edge of the west coast. Hitesh and I were able to step away during lunch to have a conversation about what’s going on with f5, the thriving community, emerging technology and all the change that is rolling out across the organization.

As you will see Hitesh has a mountain of industry experience from development to his new role in product management. He is very active on Dev Central and you can also find his Github repo here. Much of his teams work is committed on the f5’s Github page.


Keep an eye out for some technical content and demo’s on some of f5’s new software and services coming to market.

Check out the fireside below or via our YouTube channel.

Arctiq is very excited about our on-going ecosystem partnership with f5.

Interested in learning more, discussing automation and f5 technology? We would love to hear from you.

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