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Meta Networks is a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) that provides enterprise WAN and security offered as a fully managed service. It has been architected to take advantage of the cloud ecosystem, addressing the network complexity, security and TCO enterprises face. As more and more applications migrate to the cloud and private data centers, a centralized platform is essential for unifying remote branches and mobile user connectivity regardless of location.

Secure, Cloud-Native Networking Meetup

Chen Niskhorn from Meta Networks visited the Arctiq Toronto office for a technical event to highlight the Network as a Service offering for securing and connecting cloud and other environments. A lot has changed for Meta Networks since the last time we ran an event back in August of 2017 A New Approach to Cloud Based Networking - Focus Group.

Meta Networks has come out of stealth mode in early 2018 and has some great customers using the solution for a variety of use cases. We took some time during this meetup to demo some key use cases that highlight the power, scalability and flexibility Meta Networks offers with their NaaS.

Chen provided a great overview of “WHAT” the Meta Network NaaS solution solves for enterprises and how existing customers are using it. Be sure to check out the video below!

Technical Demo

To highlight the power of automation using a workflow, we ran a demo utilizing Ansible, the Meta Networks API and provisioning on AWS.

Overview of the demo using Ansible:

  • Standup Meta Networks MetaPort AMI in AWS with all required network and security components
  • Add a MetaPort in the Meta Networks overlay via API in the main organization
  • Retrieve the MetaPort onboarding installer package including certificates for authentication
  • Install the AWS MetaPort and verify connection to the overlay
  • Install policy and routing groups to allow traffic to pass
  • Show traffic passing bi-directionally between AWS and On-Prem


MetaPort Automated Provisioning and Traffic Flow:

Since Chen was in town, Kyle Bassett took the opportunity to record an impromptu Fireside chat. Have a watch below for some interesting background and highlights of the Meta Networks solution:

Interested in learning more about Meta Networks? We would love to hear from you.

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