Multi-Cloud application deployments continue to be a hot topic with our customers and the industry in general. Considering more and more of our customers are leveraging public cloud services, the desire to be “multi-cloud” is a real possibility. This application deployment demo was built for our Clouds Containers and Kelsey Event in Toronto in June.

The use case was to leverage 3 separate OpenShift clusters (running a mix of OCP versions 3.7 and 3.9):

  • Azure for Dev and QA as well as the container build process
  • On-Prem VMware cluster and Google Compute Engine sharing production workloads

Using an integrated Jenkins Pipeline the condensed workflow was to:

  • Commit then pull source code from Github and build the container artifact on the Azure cluster, then push to the dev registry

  • Test and validate the application, re-code if required or approve for production release, then pushed to both production registries

  • Deploy the container artifact in production, build dependent services and routes to expose the application in both prod clusters via public URL

  • Leverage a webhook to completely trigger the pipeline when code is approved in

Pipeline visualization from the OpenShift Web Console (driven via a Jenkins container running inside the cluster):


Have a look at the entire workflow and demo here:

Interested in learning more or discussing the technology we utilized? We would love to hear from you.

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