We have been getting a lot of great feedback on the recent Fireside Chat series we have been posting, you can check out the first two chat’s with Kelsey from Google and Liz from Aqua.


This week I am traveling on the west coast and had a stop over in San Francisco for GitHub Universe. Some very cool announcements happened, stay tuned for a blog on that soon. I had some time on Monday so I stopped in at the Sysdig office to meet some of the extended team and dig deep into their culture and powerful technology. As we know timing is everything… I managed to get some time with Loris and Knox to have an impromptu fireside chat.

We were able to discuss what Sysdig is doing in both the container monitoring and security space as well as other topics like: opensource, cncf, devops, kubennetes, istio, prometheus, product development and the future of all this cool tech. If you didn’t know Loris was part of the team that brought WireShark to market, so you can imagine he has some deep knowledge on how to collect and inspect packets, data and a deep knowledge of the kernel. Sysdig foundation is build on this experience and is all about system calls and making the data easy to consume.


A couple things that are worth checking out are Sysdig’s recent donation of the Falco security project to the CNCF, it’s currently a sandbox project. If you want to learn more about what Falco can do in a Kubenbetes cluster have a look at this presentation Secure Kubernetes Containers with Falco by Mark Stemm. Also a great blog on SELinux, Seccomp, Sysdig Falco, and you. Thanks to Sysdig for letting me hang out with the team in the San Francisco office. Keep an eye out for more technical blogs on container monitoring and security coming soon…

You can check out the fireside chat we have posted on our YouTube channel.

Arctiq is very excited about our ecosystem partnership with Sysdig.

Interested in learning more or discussing the technology we utilized? We would love to hear from you.

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