Author: Jacob Mammoliti

Looking back at the past few months, it’s truly amazing how much my life changed in a week. A unique first day… my official first day with the Arctiq team was at the Annual Red Hat Summit and what a ride that was!

Robotic Arm

When I first heard about Arctiq, I knew it was going to be an interesting opportunity. It was only a few weeks before I met with a couple colleagues and we talked about hot technology trends and how DevOps was so core to driving business transformation. We knew this is where a lot of business is headed and I wanted to have an opportunity to be a part of it. Sure enough, a few weeks later I met up with a few members of the Arctiq team and had a great first discussion. Afterwards, they offered me “my first expedition” which was a project where I developed Ansible Playbooks to completely automate a Cloud based environment and deploy a Python based webserver on a Ubuntu virtual machine. Ansible was new to me so this was an exciting learning opportunity. I started doing some research and learning from other examples available on the wonderful internet and in the end I was able to learn Ansible and accomplish my mission. Next step was to get ready to present my project to the team. They asked to come back to the office a couple days later and I had a good feeling that they would offer me a position at Arctiq. What I did not expect was that I would be on an plane with the entire team Monday morning headed to Boston for Red Hat Summit 2017.

When Monday finally came around, I was a bit nervous but also very excited to be with my new team headed to Boston. I knew being with the team in a different city would allow me to get to know everyone on a personal level. After Day 1, I felt part of the team. Everyone was extremely welcoming, easy-going, and always willing to answer all those “first day questions” you can imagine. This was a perfect example of why I wanted to join a business that has startup culture.

Arctiq Team

During the first couple days of Summit I had a chance to build relationships with a ton of people who work at Red Hat. They were also extremely friendly and reassuring me I made the right decision joining the Arctiq team. I also had the opportunity to meet many employees from other companies at Summit, such as, Microsoft, Google, Nginx, Sysdig and BlackDuck just to name a few. After my first day, I felt like my nerves were settled, I felt part of the team, and was ready to kick it into high gear “learning” for the rest of the trip.

The rest of my week at summit consisted of attending talks and hands-on labs. Although a lot of the content was new to me, such as Ansible, Satellite, OpenShift, and the Red Hat Mobile Platform, I was confident I could quickly learn all this new tech by leveraging my previous skills and experiences. I ended up meeting a Red Hat contact during the Mobile Lab session, and after talking with him, my coworker Daniyal and I believed this would be a great opportunity to do a mobile focused event here in Toronto. (More on that later)

All in all, my first week at Arctiq was an amazing experience, I was able to get close with the team and learn a lot at all the great labs and talks at Summit. I am beyond excited to be at Arctiq and be in a position to learn everyday. To top it all off I get to work with great clients and deliver solutions that help transform their business. I really enjoy the relaxed but hard working environment and I can say first hand now that we work hard, learn new things every day, get to work on new technology and have fun.

Come check-out our Mobile event on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

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