Arctiq recently hosted a technology event in Toronto - Containers are Brewing - End to End Delivery and Orchestration - where I provide a live demo utilizing Redhat Openshift Enterprise 3.2 - PaaS. I utilized 2 public projects from Redhat that were presented last year on-stage at the annual Redhat Summit Conference. You can use this blog and video to give it a try for yourself. We made a few changes to the projects, you can find them here on Github:

Here is a great article that explains - The value of a Continuous Delivery Pipeline and why it’s so important when developing software.

Let’s dive into the demo video, you can find all the commands I ran at the bottom of the blog:

I hope you enjoyed the demo and if you are interested in learning more about Openshift Enterprise, Continuous Delivery, and Modernizing your business //take the first step. We would be happy to work with you to help transform your business.

Here are the commands I ran in the video:

oc login -u arctiqteam

oc new-project ose-arctiq-hexboard-project --display-name="Arctiq - Hexboard Project"  --description="Arctiq -  Demo Hexboard"

oc new-app -f -p ACCESS_TOKEN=$(oc whoami -t)

oc create -f

oc get builds -w

oc env dc/hexboard ACCESS_TOKEN=$(oc whoami -t)

oc env dc/hexboard ADMIN_TOKEN="${ADMIN_TOKEN}"

oc env dc/hexboard WINNER_COUNT=5

oc scale rc/sketchpod-1 --replicas=12

oc scale rc/sketchpod-1 --replicas=24

oc whoami -t

-Link to Admin Site-

oc env dc/hexboard HEXBOARD_SIZE=nano

oc env dc/hexboard HEXBOARD_SIZE=micro

oc get pods -w

oc delete pod $(oc get pods | grep ^sketchpod | grep -v build | cut -f1 -s -d' ' | sort -R | head -n 5 | tr '\n' ' ')



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