So here I am, almost 20-years into my IT career, and it was time for a pivot. In this third and final instalment of the series I will tell you about that pivot and where “Arctiq” is headed. (pronounced arc-tick)

If you missed the first 2 parts you can find them here: It’s time to Scale - A look back and The path forward… A leap of faith. It was refreshing thinking back on my career in IT and all the great opportunities that have been provided. The evolution of technology has been amazing and has changed many aspects of how businesses operate today. It’s interesting to see that many of the fundamentals that drive success are still the same (that goes for individuals and businesses).

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As I mentioned in my last post, I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to “scale-out” again. In life, as in business, timing is everything. Well almost. I can’t help but think I was blessed with some East Coast luck when one-by-one, my dream team of partners came together. Some of the best business and technical minds from my career were ready to pivot too. And all together a strong desire to solve emerging customer problems and leave the traditional data centre behind.

changes ahead

It’s started with a conversation with my friend Mike Morrison, talking about how the IT industry is going through one of the biggest transformations we have scene in our lifetimes. Mike expressed the desire to make a change and get ahead of this new opportunity. So we did it, we made the decision to start a new company. We scheduled a dinner out with our wives to validate we had the support we would need. It was no secret things would change a bit, (hard work, long hours and time management would be an important aspect of success).

arctic expedition

Soon after we started the process of getting Arctiq off the ground, some friends of ours had made similar decisions to do something new, it became very apparent that we were “so much better together”. We were friends because we worked well together, not friends trying to find a way to work together. Combined with a complementary array of skills, this was a recipe for a great core team of partners to start Arctiq’s first expedition.

As the @ArctiqTeam we aim to bring it all together - the customer view, the independent view, the community view - leveraging all our skills.

  • Customer view: Knowing how you want and expect to be treated, knowing what you need from a vendor, making it easy to do business
  • Independent view: The need to scale and leverage other viewpoints, to add skills to the portfolio, and to help deliver a lot of hard work!
  • Community view: Realizing a new market opportunity addressed by:
    • A surgical TAC team of problem solvers looking for fun and challenging client opportunities
    • Tackling the transformation and modernization of IT
    • A new way of selling to customers - selling how they want to buy

And welcome to our pivot: Arctiq, Intelligent Architecture. As a focused team of IT transformation specialists, we provide expertise in evolving technologies focused on delivering a better software lifecycle experience. We help clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps, security, and customized workflows.

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I have always recognized the partners and vendors who go the extra mile. And as a solution provider, Arctiq ensures we do just that with each and every client (and partner) interaction. We often start by analyzing the problem, providing options to our clients, and ensuring that our solutions are providing value at each step of the way. Our small, easy-to-consume, work packages focus on real opportunities to provide sustainable value through a Minimum Viable Product approach, ensuring client benefits are realized in each phase of a project. An innovative ecosystem of partnerships ensures we focus on the task at hand, and engage best-of-breed expertise to enhance the overall customer experience.

minimum viable product

The past few months have been a lot of rewarding hard work. Many hours were expended on getting “the business” setup. Building well rounded processes and getting automation in place to allow Arctiq to scale. . We are working with some GREAT clients that are making real change for their businesses. We have also been developing some very interesting and emerging technology partners. Look for future technical blog articles and the reasons we chose their technology offerings to help complete our vision.

actual containers

It’s going to be a busy June for Arctiq, we will be attending - Red Hat Day in Toronto, running a technical containers event - Containers are Brewing and attending Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.

Stayed tuned… We are off to an exciting start and would love to schedule a discussion to help transform your business. //take the first step

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Arctiq takes a unique approach to solving the modernization challenge for our customers. From Discovery to Knowledge Transfer, Arctiq’s customized approach to your requirements will deliver results quickly and reliably.

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