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Automation doesn’t always need to be complex. At one end of the spectrum lies Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics - beyond most of our reach. But in the modern organization, Bots are the affordable solution to technology automation and acceleration. A Bot integrates with collaboration tools, can live on-prem or in the cloud, automates repeatable tasks, all using a simple framework to issue commands. It’s no wonder the Bots are invading!

Acceleration is the name of the game when it comes to software development today. Modern organizations need to update tickets faster, test and release code quicker, while still maintaining standards and quality. Implementing a ChatOps framework and some simple automation using a Bot will increase productivity and reduce errors.

Join Arctiq and GitHub as we showcase real-world capabilities of ChatOps and Bot integrations with common DevOps tooling from Jenkins, AWS, Azure, and more. We will discuss both the technical and business benefits of Bots, as well as where future Bots can take us. Please register for this in-person event in downtown Toronto using the form below.


The Rosewater, 19 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON

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