Looking for a challenge? Love working with cutting-edge technology? Thrive on change?

At Arctiq we believe in continuously energizing our team members to deliver quality experience to our clients. To align with Arctiq’s purpose we remain open, collaborative, social and community-oriented. We enable our people to have the freedom to innovate by distributing authority. We run with Holacracy as our operating system and we call it ArctiqOS. This is what supports our culture. Care to test it out?

Arctiq has a role for you! Come join one of Canada's fastest-growing startups. Providing value at every step of the way, we have set out to be unique in our approach:

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This is not where dreams come to die. At Arctiq we firmly believe everyone here is a leader, has the ability and therefore the mandate to affect change. Step outside your comfort zone, get creative, and be recognized continually for it.



The team here is in constant learning mode. The industry we are in demands that we continually evaluate, learn, and adopt new technology. Get bored easily? You WON'T be bored here!



Fancy titles? Not here! Lots of companies talk about culture. We LIVE culture. A group of people that have fun together because we work well together, Arctiq is about enjoying your work life while inspiring you to reach new heights.

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