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We help clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps, security, and customized workflows.


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Application modernization is the cornerstone of Arctiq’s capability. Maintaining a deep level of competence is key to our approach. However, disparate client challenges cannot be placed into a box. As such, Arctiq has assembled an ecosystem of the best and brightest complementary solution providers to ensure un-rivaled proficiency in each and every client engagement.

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As technologists, applying validated engineering philosophies to solve ever-evolving challenges is in our DNA. Lean manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, and Minimum Viable Product techniques are key to the software evolution. Arctiq meshes these proven principles with modern evolutions such as agile methodologies and failing-fast, to solve our clients’ application modernization challenges.

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Arctiq’s benefits to business are real and proven; increased time to revenue, decreased costs, vastly improved productivity, and smart integrated security. Teamwork, amplified feedback, and consistent measurement are key factors of success. Applying our Lean+MVP approach, we ensure our clients gain progress with each step, realizing significant time-to-value.

            Arctiq Time to Value

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Arctiq fundamentally believes in a shortened delivery lifecycle.  One that truly brings the business requirement closer to the end deliverables.  Our engagements are not about "boiling the ocean" but about creating and showing tangible value early and continuously throughout the project.


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Arctiq employs modern tooling and intelligent architecture approaches to affect meaningful change within our clients’ technology ecosystem. We leverage the most relevant set of tools for each client situation, then securely inject them into an automated workflow.

  • Microservices, virtualization, containers, automation, integrated security, and analytics are the key elements to achieving application modernization.
  • Customizing software-based blueprints for clients to leverage proven paths to continuous delivery. Applying a low-risk MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach enables clients to walk before they run, with little risk.


Automation reduces the chance of manual error and risk of catastrophic failure in software or patch deployment and code updates. Arctiq works to identify processes starving for automation, builds attack plans, and help clients adapt.

  • Automating tooling for software delivery systems and applications, including development, testing, security, deployment, and management.
  • Discovering and converting manual activities into repeatable automated blueprinted processes using modern DevOps tooling and workflows, with the end goal of Continuous Improvement.


Arctiq helps clients become platform agnostic, enabling limitless adoption of Cloud-based solutions, and more importantly, future platform alternatives. We answer the question of “Where?”, with “Anywhere!”.

  • Addressing inefficiencies in legacy, brownfield, and greenfield environments, from custom written applications and processes, to off-the-shelf software. Moving beyond virtualization into full-stack deployments, using a Lean build-from-source approach.
  • Removing proprietary lock-in bottlenecks to growth, including code delivery, configuration management, software updates, and integrated security. Becoming transient is a major step towards true costs savings and time-to-market advantages.


Arctiq helps clients discover current gaps in order to build step-by-step roadmaps for application modernization. The end goal is an automated, self-learning, continuously improving software delivery platform.

  • Maintaining a deep, ever-evolving skill in modern software approaches, including downstream products and upstream open source platforms. Teaching our clients how to build, break, and fix fast to support fast-paced innovation.
  • Arming our clients with the knowledge and skill to improve processes over the long term. Delivering sustainable value by moving beyond agile into strategies for the complete software delivery lifecycle.