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At Arctiq, we are proud to be “down to earth” and easy to work with. We always strive to deliver services and solutions at our client’s pace of adoption, and push the envelope when possible. Our aim is to please our clients beyond any doubt. Arctiq delivers services with a high-touch, collaborative, flexible approach, and we always provide significant client coaching and knowledge transfer. Arctiq’s goal is to enable our clients to adopt and learn modern tools and approaches to take their environments to the next level.

Open Source Led

Lead with Open Source

Arctiq delivers solutions for a multitude of both open and proprietary platforms - Linux, Windows, AIX, Cloud, etc. Our hearts, however, live in the world of open source software solutions. Arctiq first leads with open source solutions from our partner ecosystem.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

We design and architect using a minimum viable product (MVP) approach, providing clients a step-by-step pathway to success, without having to commit to a large monolithic project with big budget. This approach also allows clients to pivot when business needs and technology requirements change.

Flexible DevOps Coaching

Flexible DevOps Coaching

Arctiq scopes engagements based on client requirements, whether Time and Materials, Fixed Deliverable, or client-friendly retainer agreements. This approach allows Arctiq to move at the pace of our clients needs, participate in the sprint process, and play the role of “coach” when needed.

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//solution focus areas

DevOps Consulting

Focused on the business strategy, planning, and technology process transformation. This phase is generally the lead up to technical delivery.

Microservices & Container Technologies

Consulting through architecture, delivery, and operational tooling (Red Hat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, SysDig, etc.).

Integrated Security

Engaging security teams earlier in the development cycle, including supporting tooling and approaches (Satellite, IdM, BlackDUCK, Sonatype).

CI/CD Pipelines

Assisting with organization's goals to realign Ops and Dev, with strategies and approaches for continuous improvement (OpenShift, GitHub, Jenkins).

Workflow Automation

For everything from IT Ops automation, to supporting modern software development and delivery workflows (Ansible, Workflow automation).


Provide experience and best practice when delivering automated, secure infrastructure services (RHEL, VMware, RHV, Windows, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

//the Arctiq ecosystem

Arctiq’s software partners are focused on Open Source solutions for modern technical delivery. Our key Ecosystem partners include: Red Hat, GitHub, MongoDB, BlackDUCK, and SysDig. Arctiq’s Ecosystem also includes key VAR’s who represent our routes to market, making it easy for clients with traditional IT procurement vehicles to work with us on solutions instead of paperwork.

Arctiq does not resell hardware, nor cloud platforms, but we support our clients when deploying on their premise, or in any cloud. By remaining agnostic on the base platform, Arctiq is able to guide our clients toward the best solution every time. We work closely with Amazon AWS and EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Bluemix. Many of our critical client deployments are performed on-premise with an eye to future hybrid cloud connectivity.