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Arctiq is a services-led firm providing expertise in the new world of IT transformation. We help clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps methodologies, security, and customized workflows. Arctiq helps development teams focus on development efforts and not infrastructure. Efficiencies are achieved through microservices and container-based solutions, self-service enablement, and repeatable deployment methodologies. Arctiq’s solutions help reduce risk and simplify tasks through standardized frameworks, workflow automation, and foundational IT practices.

DevOps Consulting

Focused on the business strategy, planning, and technology process transformation. This phase is generally the lead up to technical delivery.

Microservices & Container Technologies

Consulting through architecture, delivery, and operational tooling (Red Hat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, SysDig, etc.).

Integrated Security

Engaging security teams earlier in the development cycle, including supporting tooling and approaches (Satellite, IdM, Aqua Security, F5, Sysdig).

CI/CD Pipelines

Assisting with organization's goals to realign Ops and Dev, with strategies and approaches for continuous improvement (OpenShift, GitHub, Jenkins).


For everything from IT Ops automation, to supporting modern software development and delivery workflows (Ansible, Workflow automation).


Provide experience and best practice when delivering automated, secure infrastructure services (RHEL, VMware, RHV, Windows, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

Arctiq’s benefits to business are real and proven; increased time to revenue, decreased costs, vastly improved productivity, and smart integrated security. Applying our Lean + MVP approach, Arctiq ensures our clients gain progress with each step, realizing significant time-to-value improvements.

Arctiq does not resell hardware, nor cloud platforms, rather we support our clients when deploying on their premise, or in any cloud. By remaining agnostic on the base platform, Arctiq is able to guide our clients toward the best solution every time. We work closely with Amazon AWS and EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Bluemix. Many of our critical client deployments are performed on-premise with an eye to future hybrid cloud connectivity.

Arctiq’s ecosystem also includes key VAR’s who represent our routes to market, making it easy for clients with traditional IT procurement vehicles to work with us on solutions instead of paperwork.

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Kyle Bassett

Partner | Architecture(s) | Community

Kyle has been at the forefront of open source and transformative solutions throughout his IT career spanning a number of large North American organiztions. From designing HPC solutions, to archecting complex Container solutions, Kyle provides deep consulting on today’s greatest IT challanges.

As a partner at Arctiq, Kyle focusses on the following core competencies:

Mike Morrison

Partner | Ecosystem | HR (seriously)

Mike’s business and IT background with over 20 years experience led to the formation of Arctiq’s BPM focused business consulting practice. Business case development, technical process improvement, and consulting on DevOps culture are the foundations of this practice.

As a partner at Arctiq, Mike is prime on:

Aly Khimji

Partner | Linux & Containers | Development & ML

With design and solution architecture being a primary focus of his career, Aly has spent a great deal of time problem solving complex issues, creating designs and implementing infrastructure solutions. Having worked with multinational companies, he has spent a great deal of time working on globe spanning projects, including classified and bleeding edge technologies. Having a deep background working with security focused clients Aly has a strong knowledge base with regards to system compliance, audits and security hardening. He focuses on core technologies that run deep into the OS including kernel tuning, performance driven solutions and highly secure systems as well as a passion for development and writing code to help automate and streamline tasks.

Outside of Arctiq, Aly can be found spending time with this family, developing code, learning the next great technology and spending time outdoors.

Aly’s focus at Arctiq is in the following key areas:

Shea Stewart

Partner | Containers | Security

With the bulk of his career focused on infrastructure solution architecture and implementation, Shea now brings that knowledge into the development space. Working with software development and infrastructure teams, Shea focuses on improving technology processes through automation and collaboration tooling and culture changes. Being a technologist, Shea is happiest when found exploring emerging technologies and applying them to real-world customer challenges.

Outside of the office Shea can be found out with his friends enjoying a Jays game, being active, or hunting down a new craft brew.

Along with an eye on security processes and partnerships, Shea’s focus at Arctiq is in the following key areas:

Tim Fairweather

Partner | Automation | Microservices

Tim has spent the bulk of his career in the solution architecture space, problem solving and designing solutions to meet very specific needs. Having worked across many vertical and technology areas, Tim applies this expertise to his work with Arctiq’s clients.

Along with marketing and website responsibilities, Tim’s focus at Arctiq is in the following key areas:

Daniyal Javed

CICD Pipelines | Containers | Automation

Daniyal has served his time at all levels of development, working his way up to Arctiq. He has a varied knowledge of programming languages and a wealth of problem solving experience. Daniyal is intrigued by Big Data and Mobile Development but Daniyal’s focus is now on his newfound love - DevOps.

Daniyal enjoys helping customers by automating processes with Ansible, building CI/CD Jenkins pipelines on OpenShift and establishing infrastructure management with Satellite.

When Daniyal is not at Arctiq, he enjoys soccer, travelling, and cars (in that order). Daniyal also holds a Honours degree in Computer Science from the Lassonde School of Engineering in Toronto.

Jacob Mammoliti

Content Management | Automation | Developer

Throughout his early career, Jacob has spent time in development and system administration where he gained knowledge in production programming and basic network architecture. Transitioning to DevOps, Jacob is taking his skills from his past work and school experience and adapting quickly.

Jacob has taken a focus on Satellite for infrastructure management, Ansible for IT automation, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for server foundation.

Outside of Arctiq, Jacob spends time learning new technologies and frameworks to continue making his IT knowledge stronger. One of his favourite things to do is to build projects with his multiple Raspberry Pis.

Aaren DeJong

Infra as Code | Virt & Storage | Linux

Through nearly all sizes of enterprise, Aaren has experience from end-user support, application deployment, through to system administration. Combined over 6 years, he is versed in enterprise technology architectures, data management, open-source methodology, systems compliance and general infrastructure technology. While neither for or against ‘DevOps’, he believes in the benefits that such methodologies provide, should any enterprise be willing to embrace change.

Aside from Arctiq, Aaren enjoys time with his wife and two daughters, deploying tech in his home-lab, admiring electric cars, and enjoying the outdoors.

Aaren tends to focus in the following key areas:

Phil Thomson

OpenShift | The Cloud | Infra as Code

Phil has spent the majority of his career in the infrastructure space focused on systems, storage, and virtualization. Phil has taken on Canadian and international roles working with developers and users to get their code running on systems, making sure those systems are monitored and redundant, and automating processes along the way, including underground mine haul trucks. Phil is super excited about the software defined DevOps world and the open and collaborative work environment that it brings.

Outside of Arctiq, Phil enjoys climbing mountains on bikes, SUP’ing on Okanagan Lake with his wife, tinkering with new tech in his home-lab, and dialing in his espresso machine.

Phil has a strong background in and focuses in on the following key areas:

Kayla Matson

Operations | Ecosystem | Marketing

Kayla brings years of operations experience to Arctiq, with client support, inside sales, and real-world expertise across a wide range of companies. Kayla is building upon her exciting experiences in the IT industry, and deep background in the arts, through her role as Arctiq’s Operations Lead. With Kayla’s leadership, Arctiq is developing and refining modern processes in finance, partnerships, technical marketing, social media, and client support.

Kayla holds a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from York University.

Outside of Arctiq, Kayla can be found attending theatrical events, trying out new foods, digging new tunes, and talking more about her cat than you were prepared for (or willing to hear)!

Kayla helps Arctiq with a focus on the following key areas:

Hart Ripley

Networking | Automation | Security

Hart has over 10 years experience in architecting enterprise environments, delivering, and managing global network and security solutions. Working in unique environments has provided Hart with a strong competence in multi-vendor interoperability and invaluable experience, which serves well to help clients in the most complex of environments. Hart has focused on building strong network foundational knowledge with an emphasis on security, environment hardening, and implementing best practices.

Outside of Arctiq, Hart enjoys spending time with his family, all things baseball, and live music.

Hart’s focus at Arctiq is in the following key areas:

Victor Granic

Hacker | Container Diver | Cloud Herder

Victor is an infrastructure engineer with extensive hands-on network, systems, security and programming experience in the design, development and maintenance of high-volume networks. He leverages ecosystem partner tools to build highly available, fast, secure web applications. Victor also develops and manages tools for monitoring, logging, reporting and alerting of critical applications. His network automation and application performance analysis skill supports real time metrics for continuous code and configuration improvements. Like the other members of Arctiq, Victor is also an advocate for using open source tools in product and platform development, testing, and deployments through continuous integration and delivery strategies.

In his spare time Victor plays Minecraft with his kids, continuously strives to do one more pull up, and dreams of living on a sailboat anchored off an uninhabited island.

Victor’s focus at Arctiq is in the following key areas:

Roman Romanenko

Cloud | Databases | Dude Abides

More than 20 years ago Roman started his IT career as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. With the emergence of the Internet his focus shifted to programming, development and ecommerce. Later leaving the corporate setting, Roman spent over a decade working as an independent consultant.

A broad scope of infrastructure and development skills allow Roman to deliver holistic advice, insightful troubleshooting and efficient solutions. He is able to utilize his skills to automate processes, slice and dice data and drive efficiencies to deliver business value.

Apart from work, Roman likes to keep on top of new technologies and travel. He also enjoys photography, philosophy and strives to practice minimalism and mindfulness.

At Arctiq, Roman is primarily focused on all things MongoDB and making data more effective for Arctiq’s customers.

Ronnie Duan

Framework | Operations | Strategy

Ronnie has spent the early stages of her career in technical roles. She has worked in Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Automation. Throughout her career, Ronnie enjoys seeking the most efficient and effective solution to every problem. Ronnie is super excited about Devops- Improved Communication, Faster Innovation, Increased Efficiencies! Having a degree in both Math and Psychology at the University of Waterloo, Ronnie is both qualitative and quantitative. Ronnie’s focus at Arctiq is

Outside of Arctiq, Ronnie enjoys playing video games, watching Netflix or playing board games.

Jeff Kelly

Automation | Networking | Linux

Jeff has spent the majority of his career architecting, delivering, and supporting enterprise environments. Working with many different business types from startup to government has given Jeff invaluable experience with multi-vendor solutions and technology as well as an appreciation for standards and best practices. Jeff is excited about automating everything and is jumping into the DevOps space with both feet.

Outside of Arctiq, Jeff enjoys kayaking, tinkering with whatever technology he can sneak in the house before the kids get a hold of it, and doing whatever the kids like today (generally video games, soccer, basketball and whatever else seems cool).

Jeff has a strong background and focus in the following key areas:

Joel Cripps

Linux | Python | Virtualization

Joel has experience in development and infrastructure roles. In the past he has used his experience to design secure infrastructure, automate application deployment and administrative tasks. Throughout his career he has worked primarily with Linux and open source technology and always tries to ensure that solutions provide the best value to businesses. Outside of work, Joel enjoys being outdoors, playing board games, and enjoying time with his family.

Holly Case

Marketing | Event Management | Bot

Holly has spent her entire existence supporting Arctiq. As a bot, she excels at automating many aspects of Arctiq’s social marketing and event management.

When not actively executing her many tasks, Holly’s Cloud-based containers are destroyed. She’s cool with it though.

Holly has a bright future at Arctiq. Some of her plans include: