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Arctiq is a services-led firm providing expertise in the new world of IT transformation. We help clients build continuous improvement strategies using automation, orchestration, DevOps methodologies, security, and customized workflows. Arctiq helps development teams focus on development efforts and not infrastructure. Efficiencies are achieved through microservices and container-based solutions, self-service enablement, and repeatable deployment methodologies. Arctiq’s solutions help reduce risk and simplify tasks through standardized frameworks, workflow automation, and foundational IT practices.

DevOps Consulting

Focused on the business strategy, planning, and technology process transformation. This phase is generally the lead up to technical delivery.

Microservices & Container Technologies

Consulting through architecture, delivery, and operational tooling (Red Hat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, SysDig, etc.).

Integrated Security

Engaging security teams earlier in the development cycle, including supporting tooling and approaches (Satellite, IdM, Aqua Security, F5, Sysdig).

CI/CD Pipelines

Assisting with organization's goals to realign Ops and Dev, with strategies and approaches for continuous improvement (OpenShift, GitHub, Jenkins).


For everything from IT Ops automation, to supporting modern software development and delivery workflows (Ansible, Workflow automation).


Provide experience and best practice when delivering automated, secure infrastructure services (RHEL, VMware, RHV, Windows, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

Arctiq’s benefits to business are real and proven; decreased time to revenue, decreased costs, vastly improved productivity, and smart integrated security. Applying our Lean + MVP approach, Arctiq ensures our clients gain progress with each step, realizing significant time-to-value improvements.

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