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Signal Sciences Sessions in Toronto

Arctiq is pleased to host our modern WAF security partner, Signal Sciences, for a set of focused meetings with key clients in Toronto on January 18th, 19th, and 20th.  This is an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Signal Sciences team and learn about their game-changing Web Application Firewall SaaS technology. Arctiq and Signal Sciences are reserving time slots in the morning and afternoon to host these one-on-one sessions at clients' facilities in Toronto.  

Why Signal Sciences?

As Arctiq engages with senior Application Security, Cloud and DevOps professionals, we hear more and more that seamlessly integrated and easy to use security tools are needed in a major way. Integrated security is where it's at. Tooling must be nimble, flexible, and match the consumption model of modern businesses. Legacy Web Application Firewall (WAF) products are difficult to deploy, complex and time consuming to manage, and typically noisy which can cause good traffic to be blocked due to false positives.

Enter Signal Sciences! Arctiq has long admired the capabilities of the Signal Sciences Next Generation WAF solution, which is changing the game due to their unique approach:

  • Providing immediate and strategic and tactical visibility across the organization
  • Eliminates noise by eliminating false positives
  • Implements blocking that actually “works”
  • Simple to deploy - in most cases under 10 minutes!
  • Accommodates a mixed environment of data centre hosted web applications and cloud based applications 
  • No tuning, customization, maintenance, nor fine-tuning of rules required
  • Customization of Custom Signals to address unique business logic within your organization

Best of all, their streamlined pricing model allows flexibility on the number of environments, instances, dashboards, and users, all through a single easy-to-calculate annual subscription.

Join us for the Arctiq + Signal Sciences technical sessions to learn more about these modern solutions for IT.

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