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OpenShift Hand's on Technical Workshop in Toronto

  • Arctiq Downtown, Toronto Canada (map)

Arctiq is happy to be hosting a private technical workshop focused on containers and microservices, code automation and utilizing OpenShift.

Develop, Host, and Scale Your Apps using OpenShift

This workshop will be a small group and is recommended for developers, operations and technical architects who are interested in learning more about PaaS, containers, microservices and the OpenShift Container Platform.

Workshop Goal
Following this workshop, developers and infrastructure operations technologists will be self-sufficient and gain technical knowledge in OpenShift for application deployment and development.

  • Learn the OpenShift Container Platform (built on Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Understand how applications run as containers
  • Learn techniques to build and deploy applications using source code, dockerfile, and binaries including pipeline automation and enabling continuous delivery.
  • Deploy multi-tiered applications from source code and secure container registries.
  • Techniques for zero downtime deployments and auto scaling your applications.

Veer Muchandi is visiting Toronto and is a Principal Architect with Red Hat. He is a technology evangelist for Containers, PaaS and DevOps. Veer conducts education sessions, technology deep dives, workshops, and proof of concepts or whatever it takes to enable customer adoption of these emerging technologies. He is a well-known blogger, speaker, and an open source enthusiast.

Twitter: @VeerMuchandi

Introduction to OpenShift Architecture including OCP Roadmap

  • Linux Containers
  • Container security as implemented by Red Hat
  • The Docker layered image implementation, how it changed the game
  • Up the stack architecture - pods / services / routes
  • Labels / services architecture
  • Environment Variables
  • 12 factor stateless support
  • Stateful, and monolithic applications
  • DNS role lin mapping to services
  • Auto scaling now (CPU) and more in the future.
  • Role of the masters in high availability 
  • Source-to-Image (S2I) demo
  • Docker container deployment demo
  • Web-UI console and CLI calling of the API substructure
  • Auto-scaling (with load generator) demo

Setting up the client workstation, accessing a share OCP environment (~30 min)

  • Note, client software should be downloaded in advance. Specific instructions will be provided prior to the workshop.
  • Setting up "oc" on the workstation to use OSE environment.
  • We will also explain and utilize OpenShift CDK
  • Arctiq will provide a shared OCP environment for lab activities

Hands-on exercises - Lab Exercises

  • Creating an application from an existing Docker Image
  • Creating an application using Docker build strategy from a Dockerfile
  • Creating an application using Source to Image (S2I) strategy using source code
  • Using OpenShift Webconsole
  • Create a Java application using builder image
  • Using templates, create a multi-tiered application
  • Scaling up and down
  • Binary deployment of a war file
  • Using SSL with your application
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Using WebHooks with OpenShift - integration
  • Rolling back application changes
  • Code promotion across environments
  • Using JBDS
  • Create and leverage an application pipeline inside OpenShift utilizing Jenkins

Let us know you want to attend and we will send the final details

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